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A walk upon a star.

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A walk upon a star.
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Moments shared of Freddie Prinze's walk of fame ceremony by his dearest friends.

Freddie Prinze
("Chico & the Man")

Tuesday, December 14, 2004, at 11:30 a.m.
(6755 Hollywood Blvd - near Highland)



Freddie Prinze Jr accepts the award on behalf of his father Freddie Prinze

Late Freddie Prinze Gets Hollywood Star
LOS ANGELES(AP) Freddie Prinze Jr. shed tears Tuesday as he unveiled a Hollywood Walk of Fame star for his late father, who committed suicide in 1977.
The elder Prinze was a standup comic who had a successful run in the sitcom "Chico and the Man" before ending his life at age 22.
The younger Prinze, star of the "Scooby-Doo" movies and teen romances like "She's All That," was only 10 months old when his father died.
"I always get overwhelmed when it comes to speaking about my father," the 28-year-old told the crowd during the Hollywood Boulevard ceremony. "To see the respect from the people in L.A. and New York where my father was from brings tears to my eyes. To walk by and see his name on this star, wow."
Comedian George Lopez, who nominated the late comedian and sponsored the star, also attended the ceremony.
"'Chico and the Man' inspires me today as it did back then," said the star of TV's "The George Lopez Show." "This is a big day for us and his friends."



I'm very happy to tell you that Maria was real excited the other night when she told me she that a date is being set for the unveiling of Freddie Sr's star in Hollywood. Apparently, many prominent people have been seeking the recognition.

Ray Andrade and other old friends of Freddie's, are attempting to determine when the celebration will be held. I'll let you know as soon as I hear! Maria told me that she most likely will not attend due to her health issues. I assured her that many of us would attend in her place and report back to her.

She told me that she was in tears when she received the phone call telling her about the tribute. Its been a long wait and my prayers are that the tribute is conducted while she is still with us. Hopefully it will occur this year!

These are exciting times and I can't wait to join my old and new freinds at the celebration!

God bless you alway!
Luis A. Rivera 


Hello everyone,
I was one of the first to arrive on Tuesday morning, and my wife Renee was with me.  George Lopez, his wife, and daughter Maya, were there, and so was Dusty Snyder, Freddie's accountant, who was with him, when he shot himself.  Johnny Grant, who is in charge of the "Hollywood Walk of fame", was also there.
Not long after I arrived, Chico & The Man's associate producer, Ray Andrade, arrived, as did Luis Rivera and his lovely wife Norma.  I hadn't seen Luis, for at least 25 years, so it was great to see him.  Then came Della Reese, Paul Williams, Cluny Komack, and her daughter Max.  Cluny's husband, was the late executive Producer of Chico & The Man, Welcome Back Kotter, Courtship of Eddie's Father, Mr. T. & Tina, and others...Jimmy Komack.
Though Jimmy is credited with writing "Chico", the original script was not about a young man named Chico Rodriguez, but it was about a young boxer named Ray, and an old fiesty, grouchy old man who ran a boxing gym.  But Jimmy, colaborated with Ray Andrade, and changed the idea and concept, to what we all know as "Chico & The Man!"
Ray does not take any credit, and has always been generous with giving Jimmy Komack all the accolades, however there are only three people who know the truth.   Ray, Jimmy, and me!  And, unfortunately, Jimmy is gone.  The story of "Chico & The Man, is Jimmys idea, but I was just sharing the "roots" of that idea, and how it evolved.
Kathy, Freddie's former wife, and Freddie Jr.'s mother, came with her very dear friend, Carol, who was Freddie's personal secretary.  She looked gorgeous, and still is as beautiful as when she and Freddie were married.  She's amazing.  Carol looked good as well, and Cluny, Jimmy Komack's wife, looked very good too. 
George Lopez's wife Ann, and daughter Maya, were taking pictures of everyone, and Ann, George's wife, was so nice.  She is definitely a keeper, and she was so kind and generous with her time.  She made everyone feel like family, and she is most genuine.  George, is a sweetheart, and so cool.  Without his involvement, there would have not been a star for Freddie.  This was George's idea, and he backed it up with his wallet.  He is a gem!
Johnny, was the master of ceremonies, and first introduced the Mayor of Hollywood, who came up to introduce George Lopez.  George spoke most eloquently, and praised Freddie, and said that he became who he is, because of Freddie's comedy.  He credited Freddie with his success, and spoke well about Freddie and all Freddie did for the world of comedy.  He then thanked Freddie's mother, Maria Pruetzel, and his Father, for doing such a good job raising him.  He then called up Della Reese to say a few words, and she did, the n George came back up to introduce Freddie Jr., who had just arrived, and when Freddie Jr. arrived, all the paparazzi went crazy.  I can't tell you how many photographers were there but there were at least 50.
Man, the bulbs were going off like firecrackers, and Freddie Jr's mom was called up, and they hugged and cried, and it was such a touching scene.  Freddie Jr., began to speak and thank everyone, and immediately broke down and started crying.  Man it was a heavy scene!  I too, couild not stop the flow of tears, from running down my cheeks, and then Freddie, George, and Freddie's Mom, all hugged, and again tears flowed, and there was an explosion in the audience of the people who came to be a part of this gala event, and momentuous occasion.
Then Johnny Grant again went up there, and got all of them together again, as they unveiled the star, which honors Freddie.  Boy, it was so touching and moving.  I was so proud of young Freddie, and he was humbled by this tribute to his Dad.  He was elated, and probably didn't know how it was going to effect him, but it was a marvelous sight, to see all of these stars paying tribute, to one of their own.  Thje late...great...Freddie Prinze!!!
I was honored to be a part and by then I could not hold back.  I went up to young Freddie Jr., and I hugged him, and I intoduced myself.  We both had tears in our eyes, as we hugged for what seemed a good while, then I had both my hands on his shoulders, as I shared some intiment and private things about his Dad.  He thanked me, and told me on behalf of his family, he was grateful, and I told him that me and Ray Andrade, had never...ever...sold out his Dad for 30 pieces of silver.
He evidently knew about my friendship with his Dad,but I let him on a secret that only was known by Freddie...Ray Andrade...and me.  I told him that we had a pact, and that pact went like this..."We are friends, thru thick & thin, and when the going gets thick...we never...thin...out!!!"  Freddie used to love that saying, and now his son, knew it.  It was a marvelous and beautiful moment, with Freddie Jr., and I shall cherish it for the rest of my life!
I had not held, or seen little Freddie, sincxe he was 4 months old, or maybe even younger.  Now, I wish I could be his friend, or "uncle" forever!  I love this kid, and I can tell everyone reading this, that he is genuine...sincere...loving...kind...generous...and a wonderful young man!
After the ceremony, George invited me to spend the afternoon on the set of the George Lopez show, and to have dinner with him, but I chose to just leave, and have that special remembrance of him, Freddie Jr., and all that took place that day.  I was appreciative and am appreciative to George, and I hope we will always remain good friends, and that we can get together from time to time.  George said he wanted to have me on his show, and thats cool.  But whatever happens...I will always be indebted to george for what he did for Freddie, and I love that crazy vato!  Homie George..don't you know me...He is one bad..crazy...loco...with alot of class!!!  So, whenever George comes calling me, to be on his show...I will nerely say...
Right now...right now?...Love to you all...Mando


I am sorry you were not able to be there. The unveiling of Freddie's star on the Walk of Fame was incredible! My wife and I were present and George Lopez, Freddie Jr., Isaac Ruiz, Ray Andrade and other notables were present and were very kind in the remarks made to honor the memory of Freddie Sr.. When the ceremony started, God was merciful and allowed Maria, via my cell phone to hear what her grandson and George Lopez had to say about Freddie. So, as you can see, it was a perfect celebration. Freddie Jr. and George were very warm and hospitable to Isaac and the rest of us. There were many fans present and the media. The most touching moment was when Freddie Jr. had tears rolling down his face as he acknowledged and thanked everyone for the love that so many have shown toward the memory of his dad.  I almost forgot to say that when Isaac and I saw each other, it was like an old high school reunion. We hugged and laughed like kids in a candy store and when it was all said and done, we both gave thanks to God for allowing us to experience this very special and historical day. We took pictures and as soon as I return home we will share them with you. Please pass this report on to the other fans and fan clubs. Wow, what a great event it was!!

Best wishes,
Luis Rivera




Thank you  to Luis Rivera and Isaac Ruiz for your permission to post your emails.

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