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Ed Brown's Garage's reports an awesome year at the Garage!


This year has brought us together like no other year that I have experienced with us before.

2004 gave us to relive the history of Chico and the Man as the 1970’s comedy classic show celebrated it’s 30th anniversary. It seems like yesterday Chico and the Man first aired on September 1974. Each of us who grew up watching Chico and the Man brought together a special memory that will long last us throughout time. The Good Life network began running Chico and the man this year with uncut episodes for those fortunate enough to receive the  cable channel.

This year would not be complete without the most memorable moment happening in December. Freddie Prinze Jr emotionally accepted the Hollywood walk of fame award for his father. Family, friends, surviving cast members of Chico and the man along with many fans attended the prodigious event. Although I could not attend the ceremony, this was a day I will never forget. Freddie Prinze Jr accepting his father’s award, and know that his father is still loved and admired to this day was a joyous time in my life as well as to others who were a part of it‘s history. It doesn’t seem like that long ago, that we, all of his fans here, united together to celebrate the love and laughter a young Man named Freddie Prinze gave to us.

Already over 3 years have passed since the airing of the Chico and the Man episodes on TV Land sparked so much renewed love and interest for Freddie Prinze and crew of Chico and the Man. I loved the show when it originally aired on NBC back in 1974 and to see it again in back in 2001 brought back to me so many memories and much more love for Freddie Prinze.

I am thankful for Freddie Prinze Jr knowing that we all still love and admire his father after all these years. I am thankful for all of you for keeping the memory of Freddie Prinze and Chico and the Man alive in your own way and not be afraid to express it. From the bottom of my heart I am truly thankful for friends like Isaac Ruiz, and Luis Rivera, for there out going love and admiration of Freddie and there treasured memories that they have generously shared with each of us. Maria, Freddie’s mother is a special women and mother and I am thankful for Luis Rivera for keeping her informed on what we (Freddie’s fans) are doing to keep her son's memory alive to this day.

Emotionally my heart goes out to you George Lopez for your endless love and admiration for Freddie Prinze. Your expressed love for Freddie means a lot to me and to his fans. I can not thank you enough for your generous donation and support in Freddie’s special tribute to him on the Hollywood walk of fame. You are by far very much appreciated and I am forever grateful for this long lasting loving tribute you have done for Freddie Prinze.

God Bless,

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Happy Anniversary Chico and the Man!Celebrating 30 years of classic comedy televison.