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Ed Brown's Garage
Sign my guest book!
Timeless gift of laughter
Ed Brown's thriving buisness!
Prinze Charming - Portraits of Freddie
A message to all customers....
A shout out from dear ole Ed Brown
Ed Brown's trash can. Love letters to Chico and bills for Ed
Rappin' with the Rev and Brother Chico.
Lounging with Louie
What's that you say?
Chico and Mando - amigos forever!
Ed Brown's prodigy . Chic gives Mykloss a new trade
Seeing double! Chico Rodriguez and Tomas Garcia
Stick em' up! Your friendly neighborhood robber!
Ed Browns Garage a Go - GO
The gangs all here! Get outta my Garage!
Make your appointment early
"We're building up the Buisness !" - Chico's and Ed Brown's other locations.
Look what they did to my wall ;
As General Lee said to General Grant "Like it or not your in the Union!"
"Let's go cruisin' bebe!"
Thank you George Lopez!
Chico and the Man Celebrates it's 30th anniversary!
A walk upon a star.
Chico's manual labor. A puzzled moment
Ed Brown's annual report
Walking upon a star. A pictorial
Walking upon a star. A pictorial continued
Remembering Freddie Prinze in pictures
Ed's favorite time of day

"We're building up the buisness!" 
Chico and Ed's other locations


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Happy Anniversary Chico and the Man!Celebrating 30 years of classic comedy televison.