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Ed Brown's prodigy . Chic gives Mykloss a new trade
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Chico and the Man Celebrates it's 30th anniversary!
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Chico's manual labor. A puzzled moment
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Walking upon a star. A pictorial
Walking upon a star. A pictorial continued
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 A shout out from Ed Brown!  
 I would to personally  thank the following for there endless love and support for Freddie Prinze,  the classic comedy series Chico and the Man,  along with your comments and support for this web site.  Thank you so much!- Suzanne

Ed Browns Garage would like to thank the following.....

All of our visitors! We appreciate your visits and welcome you back!!

George Lopez - Thank you from the bottom of my heart in your helping Freddie receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004! We love you man! George, it is such a joy to know that your love for Freddie Sr truly shows deeply in your heart. Thank you George Lopez for making this all possible!

To Mrs. Maria Pruetzel, thank you for giving us such a loving and talented son. Freddie showed such joy, in his life, and to his love towards others around him. Freddies charisma shined on to those who watched Chico and the Man. as well as those who were very close to him. We love Freddie Mrs. Pruetzel, thank you for being a wonderful mother to Freddie Prinze.

Isaac Ruiz.. What a friendship we have had since Septemeber of 2001!

Thank you for the laughter,and many hours of pleasent converstation. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of Freddie Prinze along with your days in Hollywood. You have given me a whole new insight of how Freddie really was as an actor, close friend, and comedian. Isaac as talented as you are, I hope to see you in the movies again someday.

Special appreciation to you Isaac for reading my story. Practically a novel the size of a telephone book! Along with enjoying the "excitement" that Mando went through with a certain "young women". Thank you again for your interest and ideas for the sequel. Will this story ever end?

Isaac I can not thank you enough for your gratitude and generousity during my visit with you in November of 2004. You are by far a great person to talk too and very down to earth. I will always treasure the time we spent together in Tucson.

Luis Rivera, Thank you for contacting me and getting in touch with Isaac. To know you both are in contact with each other after so many years is such a blessing! Thank you also for keeping us up to date about Maria.

TVLand for getting the tires rotated and sparking interest again in Chico and the Man.

Luckymama and Miss Dani, your contributions and creative energy designing Freddie wallpapers made it all worth while to gawk at Freddie! Thank you for getting us all started on such an addicting program!

Angie, Tani, Lori, Marie, and, Starshine . Thank you for your brainstorming sessions with us writers! If it wasn't for you Mera Mami, a.k.a Deseos del corazon would of never existed! Thank you for your feed back and helpful hints.

Adrienne! - Girl, you are the best critic an author could ever have!!! Thank you for your open and honest reviews and expressions regarding the long twisted saga. Adrienne thank you also for telling a special someone it was the next best thing since Skippy made peanut butter!

Elizabeth- Thank you for your friendship and helping me recover from "Mr. Bolero". Thank you for my... ahem... Spanish lessons and translations.! We've been through alot this past year and I sincerely thank you for your support and understanding! Your the best girl!!

Todd- Thank you for Sitcoms on line. Your devotion to such classic television shows like Chico and the man is such a treasure. Your message boards and well informed Sitcoms site, have helped us come together to remember such classic television shows as Chico and the Man as well as other Television classics!

To all the regulars and new commers on the Chico and the Man message board at Sitcoms. It is so great to see such activity still happening even after TVLand started running Chico and the Man two years ago. Yet we are sad thatChico and the Man is no longer on there line up. I am thrilled to see that we are still keeping the memory of Freddie Prinze and Chico and the Man still strong to this very day!!

Rosalyz, thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing the moments of Chico and the Man. The pictures are priceless and great tool for those who have been making wallpapers!!

A special thank you to Freddie Prinze. Freddie your laughter, charm, and charisma. Made all of us smile, laugh and cry over your tender emotions shown on the set and everyday life. We love you and will never forget you!

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Happy Anniversary Chico and the Man!Celebrating 30 years of classic comedy televison.