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As General Lee said to General Grant "Like it or not your in the Union!"
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Chico and the Man Celebrates it's 30th anniversary!
A walk upon a star.
Chico's manual labor. A puzzled moment
Ed Brown's annual report
Walking upon a star. A pictorial
Walking upon a star. A pictorial continued
Remembering Freddie Prinze in pictures
Ed's favorite time of day

Rapping with the Rev and Brother Chico



Reverend Bemis: If you require words to conquer her heart. Need no go further then the scriptures.

Ed Brown: Scriptures?

Reverend Bemis: Just quote to her from the Songs.

Ed Brown: What songs?

Reverend Bemis: The Songs of Solomon.

Ed Brown: Oh him

Reverend Bemis: Thou art fair my love. Thou are fair my lips are red as rubies.

Ed Brown: That’s lovely Rev. Do you think it will work?”

Chico Rodriguez : Well it worked for King Solomon the Wise. He had 364 Wives

Reverend Bemis: Yeah, I’ve always called him King Solomon the exhausted. That’s a little scriptural whimsical humor

Reverend Bemis visits Ed Brown's Garage.

"Ed can I trouble you for some gas for my scooter?"


"Ed, Chico.  I've come over for some advice regarding my sermons"


 "My sermons are putting people to sleep. Let me give you an example from my sermons"


"Sorry Rev. Your not hip enough for todays audience"


"O Dios Muy!.... Ed wake me up when he is done preaching!"


"Rev. Maybe I can you out with your sermons. Make them more hip"


 "Rev. Try it like this..."


"That's great Chico! Hey why don't you preach for me this Sunday!"


 "Hello everyone.... Hello Lucinda. That  was some great party you had the other night!" ( wink)


 "People used to go into the art museums and throw mud on the paintings just so they could sit around and look at dirty pictures...."


"It was a shameful time. Yet there was one rightous man. His name was Noah......"



 "That was great Chico!"


"Ed! Don't tell the congregation I'm here!"


 "Uh oh. Ed, Reverend Bemis is leaving the church"


"Chico, Ed. They don't hear my sermons. I feel unwanted"


"Ed, we have to do something... I have an idea"


"Reverend Bemis. Please help this poor soul!"


 "Leave the devil's bottle Ed!"


"In the name of the Lord!"




"It's a miracle!"


"You did it!"


"Now go take a bath. Will you!"


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Happy Anniversary Chico and the Man!Celebrating 30 years of classic comedy televison.