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A timeless gift of laughter. Remembering Freddie Prinze

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Special tributes to Freddie Prinze are from his Mother Maria Pruetzel, Freddie's  co star Isaac Ruiz, and his devoted fans of all ages.
Thank you Luis Rivera for contacting Maria Pruetzel for her special tribute to her son Freddie.



Freddie - A timeless gift of laughter ( a poem )

A timeless gift of laughter is what you've given to me. A treasured love there after is what I can plainly see..

Growing into a handsome young man before our very eyes. Your shinning love for others around you is what I realized.....

Your laughter lives on forever still to this very day. Memories of you continue to linger through everyones unique way.

You are loved in ways like no other as your spirit stays in our heart. You, our dear sweet Freddie your life, love, and laughter will never ever part.

- "Suz"


Hi Suzanne! Your absolutely right, next Tuesday is Fred's 50th birthday.

When I told Maria about your request she was happy to share about Fred's birthdays. In fact she can't believe that she is still with us to see the day. She says that Freddie's birthdays were a great time of celebration back in NYC. He always had a nice birthday cake with lettering and candles on it, even though his favorite desserts were strawberry shortcake and pistachio ice cream. The apartment would fillup with freinds and family and it was as much a party for the adults as it was for the kids. Fred's dad and grandmother would provide some of the entertainment by playing songs on a baby grand piano. Grandmother Eleonore Shultter Pruetzel (I hope I'm spelling her name right) was formerly an opera singer and concert pianist in Germany and would sing "Ave Maria" in English, as well as birthday songs. She lived to be about 98 years of age. At one birthday Fred joined a group of boys that wanted to start a band and played the drums and bongos to the delight of the adults. A great time was had by all and Freddie was the center of attraction and a lot of love. As you may know, on his 15th birthday he decided to dedicate himself to comedy and the rest is history.

It was really nice to hear Maria laugh as she reminisced about Fred's birthdays. Thanks for your request and I hope it is as heart warming for you as it was for me.

God bless,
Luis A. Rivera

Used by permission of Mrs. Maria Pruetzel


From: "Isaac Ruiz"
To: "suzanne "
Subject: Tribute To My Friend..."Chico"
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 11:28:35 -0700

Hi everyone!   Well, it's that time again, and I'm sure there are mixed emotions about how to handle the fact that another year has come and is almost gone, since our amigo "Chico", went to pick pockets in the subways of heaven, "Looooking Gooood", and possibly even looking for his Puerto Rican Mother, and Hungarian Father, which ultimately made him, Chico, a  HungaRican".

I have so many fond memories of this "crazy vato", who helped to keep us laughing, though he himself, was crying on the inside.  So talented...yet so perplexed with many difficulties and anxieties in life.  So humorous...yet so full of complexities, that on a fatefull day in January 1977...the laughter would be silenced, with a shot that was to be heard around the world...our amigo "Chico"...aka Freddie Prinze, would no longer
be able to personally...make us laugh...instead...we would now cry!

But wait...thanks to tecknowledgy, and to the wonderful creation of re-runs", and to the release of "Chico" episodes...we can all enjoy, and remember what is was like, to see Chico in Ed's Garage, everyday, getting the best of Ed Brown, and Making us all laugh in the process.

I too, laugh my b_ _ _ off, as I remember my friend, not in the sad circumstances of his fateful outcome...but in the mastery of his
performances, that had us all in stiches.  Freddie was a genious in his time, before his time, and a genious in the making!  It was a pleasure and privilidge for me to have been able to be a part of "Chico & The Man", and
to be a friend to one Fredrick Pruetzel..
.aka...Freddie Prinze...aka..."Chico Rodriguez"!

On June 22nd, the month and day of Freddie's birth, please do not get caught up in what Freddie might have been, or in Freddie's death...but in the celebration of God'd gift to each and every one of us who loved Chico...because his talent...his charisma...his aura/presence...his beautiful smile...his cutesie way of capturing all of our hearts...his great sense of timing as a comedian...and his love which he has shared with us alive!..Yes, it is ALIVE!

On this his birthday celebration, I dedicate this note to every "Chico & The Man" viewer who appreciated my good amigo Freddie, and his
multi-talented ways...and especially toFreddie's Mother, Mrs. Maria Pruetzel, my "second Mom", whose love and devotion to Freddie, is known only to her, the Good Lord Above, and also to me...because I had the privilidge of watching her adorn Freddie with her Love and wisdom.  Freddie loved his Mother Maria, more than anyone in the whole wide world, including....well I will stop right there before I get myself into trouble. 

 Suffice to say, Freddie learned much from his Mom, who was quite funny in her own right.  God Bless you Maria, and just know your "other" son loves you very much!

God bless you all and thanks for making every June 22nd, so special!  If Freddie was able to tell you himself, he would thank you and
With all my love and God's richest blessings ....Mando


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2002 11:46 AM
From: Isaac Ruiz
Subject: "Happy Birthday Freddie Prinze"...
Good Morning to all my friends who have been so kind to me, and who are keeping alive, the memory of one of America's funniest comedians ever!
Freddie Prinze was much more than a funny, talented, handsome young comedian and stand-up-comic...Freddie had an insight to people, that helped him to write comedy that was real.  Men write comedy about fantasies, and some are very vulgar, and others let a staff of writers write for them..the latter are lazy, and rely on their ability to deliver the punch line, along with the timing, to make people laugh.  And please don't get me wrong, that is the nature of our business in make people laugh
But Freddie was unique, in that he studied people, and used their manerisms, and characters, and emotions to blend it all together in a way that brought out the laughter in us.  As young as Freddie was, he was 22 as an individual, but a performer.
Take a look at the shows that Freddie was invited to host, and to be a part of...Starting with the Johnny Carson Show...I mean, come on, we are talking about the King of Late Night T.V....Nobody,..Nobody, beat Johnny Carson!  "HEEEEEEERES JOHNNNNY"...and the Freddie that all of you Love, and I loved, at the age of 19 or 20, was asked to guest host when Johnny took some time off!  Think about it my amigos...that is incredible, and Freddie was just that...INCREDIBLE...he was incredibly funny! 
Some of your top comedians of the day, which include Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Flip Wilson, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and many others...were in awe of the overnight success of a tall, handsome, slim Puerto Rican dynamo named Freddie Prinze, who was loved by millions as "Chico".
Hey, I was older than Freddie, and had been around longer, and I was in awe of him.  He was a genious!  He died prematurely, and left an impression on everyone who knew him...Freddie was amazing...Freddie was adorable...
Freddie was talented, and Freddie...was my friend!  and I still miss him.
I loved Freddie, and have never gotten over his death.  He was so talented and cutsie, that even when you were mad at him, he had a way to look at you with those big, droopy eyes, that you had to laugh and forgive him.  and we all know, that freddie like many big stars, had his own demons.  He was by no means perfect and without blemish, but Freddie was still a kid.  He as a man was 22...going on 15.  He was vulnerable, and ultimately... paid the price.
Today, I salute my good pal, and on his behalf, to all of you who still Love his memory...who enjoy watching our sitcom, and who through all the years have been so faithful..we wish Freddie a Happy Birthday, and I offer this tribute of Freddie to all of you fans, who make it possible for us actors to entertain you, and earn a handsome living while doing what we enjoy best.
Yes, I miss my friend Freddie, and no one...I shall repeat, no one, other than his Mother, Maria Pruetzel, knew him better!  I miss her so much, cause I love her dearly, and she is a wonderful woman, and was a wonderful Mom to Freddie.  If anyone has her address, or phone number, or e-mail, I would so much appreciate you contacting me.  Maria, Freddie's Mom & myself are the only two (as far as I know) that know the real truth about Freddie's life, and of course his ex-wife Kathy.  But though she was married to Freddie, she knew him but a short while.  I've known Freddie since he was a young aspiring comedian in his teens.  and no one was closer to his Mom or Dad.
Thanks again to all of you who Love Freddie, and are true fans of our show...and I shall end this tribute with the words from a song I wrote for him, just after his death.  Try to put the words of this song to the tune of Carole King's, and Joe Cocker's..."You've got a Friend"
"He was tired...and lonley...and a troubled young man was he..and his pains and sorrows kept him away from reality..."
"He used to laugh with every one...and a smile was always on his face...but his troubles arrived...then frowns began to take their place"
"He would cry...when he was alone..wanting friendship..which was never shown..just when he be understood"
"Freddie was a troubled young man...but happiness was his only plan... and I'm so sorry..yes I'm sorry...cause He was my friend...oh Freddie"
"You were my friend"  (there's more)
God bless you all, and thanks again for your devotion and dedication to my
friend and steal a line that was once written ...
"Good night sweet Prinze"...and a Happy Birthday, from us all...Mando


With Freddie's birthday on the horizon and trying to think of a tribute that does him justice, I guess I realized that no amount of words can express the joy and happiness he has brought to my life over the last two years.
His exuberance, his laughter and the bright infectious smile warms my heart on the cloudiest of days. His soft voice inviting and his handsome looks unforgettable. But amidst all his wonderful qualities, I think the best for me is his heart. Without a good and caring heart we all stand alone. This prince will never stand alone as far as his true fans are concerned. Thank you for hours and hours of pure pleasure as I sit in the evenings enjoying your incredible talent Mr.Prinze.
Your acting was right on target whether comedy or drama, your stand up routines cutting edge, creative and very funny...and lastly your voice bringing tremors up and down my spine, causing me to shake my head in wonderment. How does one so young have so much talent and what was left untapped??
Freddie fans are loyal and unwavering. You will never be forgotten as long as we have a single breath left in us. You deserve our loyality and love....and you have it.
We love you dear sweet prince.
Happy Birthday!!

Like a comet Blazing'cross the sky Gone too soon Like a rainbow Fading in the twinkling of an eye Gone too soon Shiny and sparkly And splendidly bright Here one day Gone one night Like the loss of sunlight On a cloudy afternoon Gone too soon Like a castle Build upon a sandy beach Gone too soon Like a perfect flower That is just beyound your reach Gone too soon Born to amuse,to inspire,to delight Here one day Gone one night Like a sunset Dying with the rising of the moon Gone too soon Gone too soon   




Dear Freddie,
This is not a poem or a song,but a letter of love from my yours.
I never got to know you, yet somehow I feel like I do. Your talent brought joy and laughter to so many, I only wish you could have known more of that in your short life.
So much has changed since you left us, the music, the technology, even the medium through which you entertained us.
Your son 'Pie' your pride and Joy, a baby when you saw him last a young man now and a superstar in his own right.
The technology I mentioned earlier has brought so many of your fans together to remember, honor and think about you in their own creative ways. There are stories, songs, poems, and pictures,(and I do mean pictures!) that remind us of you and all that you brought to our lives.
The jokes maybe different but the laughter remains and reminds me of you.
As I read your Mom's book and discover how you lived, loved, and struggled, it is my hope that you found the peace you sought here and could not find.
There are some who are in touch with those you loved and though they still miss you, know that you were and are loved.
As the anniversery of your passing nears you will be remembered with laughter and yes, some tears, but our love for you will go on...We love you dear Prinze.
- Joy



Freddie's gift was priceless......

Freddie's gift that he generously gave to the show and to others around is endless. Past, present and future generations of Freddie Prinze Sr fans have enjoyed the charisma, the laughter, and love he showed for others around him. Yes we are sadden that Freddie is not with us but with today's technology we are able to capture the essence of Freddie's multi talent and bring forward the greatest gift that Freddie left us. His gift of love, laughter and joy that he had generously gave to others.

Willingly Freddie gave us laughter that no one can take away. His memory lives on through us, his fans and his friends. I can just imagine how he would feel if he were here today discovering how much we still love him. I believe whole heartly that our love  for him is showen through these websites and message boards. If Freddie were here today. I believe he would be so proud of each individual who has had the generosity to still love and admire him.



Freddie, your memory will live on forever in our hearts. You were one of the most talented, gifted, and dedicated artists to ever grace the screen. But beyond that, you were sensitive, kind and considerate of others. Your smile melted our hearts. Your struggles in life galvanized a legion of fans who understood and prayed for you. We will always stand by you and for you. We are in your corner and have an everlasting love for you. Thank-you for sharing your life with us. My broken heart over your leaving, will never mend, until I see you face to face in paradise.  
- Adrienne Hall



  My friend Freddie was a comedic genious, much ahead of his time. He could stand with any comic of his generation, but they couldn't stand with him. He was so much better, and funnier. Freddie loved to crack up, so he thought of natural things that happened to him, that were funny, and he added humor to them and made the stories even funnier.

Freddie could make you laugh, cry, wonder, and probably would have been a great salesman. Well, as a comedian, he was a salesman. His job was selling all of us laughter...humor...and he accomplished that, with his brand of delivery. Timing was essential, and Freddie had the best!

Freddy was so debonaire, so masculine, so vibrant, yet he could act like a little kid. The ladies loved Freddie because of his boyish looks, his cute face with the big dimples, and his cute "bubble butt!"

One day I caught Freddie in the rehearsal hall, while everyone was out for lunch, and he was looking at his butt. Well, I started capping on him, and told him I was going to tell all his friends. I said to Freddie, "Freddie, the first person I am going to call is David Brenner!" I told him I was going to tell Richard Pryor, and Tony Orlando, and then I was going to call Pam Grier, a girl Freddie was dating.

You would think Freddie would have gotten embarrased in front of anyone, let alone me, but he kept on looking at his butt in the mirror, and said..."Zak, shut-up!" "You ain't going to tell anyone nuttin', cause you are too loyal!"

"And if you do sucka, I'll tell everyone that I saw you and one of the set workers caught in a big lip lock!" I'll tell everyone that the secret is out and that my sidekick Mando from the show is Gay, and that you made a pass at me!"

I told him he was crazy and that they wouldn't believe him because they know I'm a "macho man!" Then Freddie said, "oh they'll believe me Vato, (said fisichiously) because I'll tell them you are hiding behind a "Macho" image but you are one who likes "muchachos!" then he started cracking up. We actually both couldn't stop laughing, and when we stopped he went back to looking in the mirror, and said, "besides, sucka, I do have a cute butt!" Pam told me" and he looked over at me with that sheepish Freddie Prinze grin, he made so famous.

I told him again, that he was crazy, and he ran over to where I was and grabbed me like he was hugging me, and with a thick Puerto Rican accent he said, "Ay Dios Mio Mando, Jew no I cude do nosing to hurt jew, b-coss I lub jew so mush!" and I would say "cut it out Freddie, spomeone might see us!" and he would say, I know, that's the point!

Then he turned to me as he went back to the mirror, and said..."Hey know I have a cute butt don't you! I think you'r jealous!" and I told him "shut-up you do-do".

Then he broke out into a Groucho Marx deal, like he had a cigar in his mouth and he said..."step right up folks, our special today is a Hungarican, and a Beaner from Compton, and they are going to do a two-step!"

I am telling you, he was so funny. You could not stay mad at Freddie. Never in a million years! He had a way of winning you over with those droopy eyes he would make. And, he knew it too! He was one-of-a-kind!

I give most of the credit for his success to his Mother, Maria Pruetzel. She was his encouragement, and critic behind the scenes. I once told you all, that Freddie would do his skits in front of his Mom, or me, because he said if he could make us laugh, he could make anyone laugh.

But his Mom was the biggest by far, influence in his life. In fact, Freddie was a big "Mama's Boy!" Not in a bad sense, but it was because he looked to his Mom for so much. And, she did much for him, and was always there for him.

She even warned him about the bad influences in his life and told him to stick to me. Freddie would tell her that if anyone gave him any problems he was going to sick me on them. She would always try and warn him to be careful of who he hung around, but Freddie was a nite owl. He loved being out in the streets of Hollyweird at night, and hated getting up in the morning.

Maria was a hard working Mom who made sure Freddie had everything he needed. Freddie did not grow up in poverty, contrary to what the tabloids made you believe. Freddie lived in a beautiful highrise apartment building, and his Mom made sure Freddie had all the comforts necessary.

Maria and Karl, Freddies Dad, were both hard working people who spoiled Freddie. Though Freddie was a good son, he was a trabiezo at times! Again, not in a bad way, but in a prankster way. He loved pulling jokes on people.

I love Maria Pruetzel, and she was like a second Mom to me. She knew I was looking out for her Freddie, and she loved that about me. She was, is and will always be a wonderful friend, and I love her dearly.

So, on this Freddies 50th birthdat celebration, I hope you all have enjoyed this "tid-bit" of information I've shared with you, and that if Freddie could be here with us in person, he would have us all in stiches. So, Happy Birthday, my good, funny, handsome Puerto Rican amigo, and yes, you do have a cute butt! In fact, your bootay will always be...LOOOKING GOOOD! to you all Mando





Freddie Prinze is a hard guy to pay tribute too..only because his sprit encompasses so much of who he is. He was not only one of the most handsome men I have ever laid eyes on...he had a tender heart....gentle expressive eyes that not only served as windows to his soul...but a means of touching your soul as well. Once you watch him are hooked, not able to pull yourself away. He mesmerizes his fans only as he can do. He was a unique young man...a wonderful son, a very caring father and a great friend not only to Jack but to all those who happened to be fortunate enough to come into contact with this very special Hispanic. Thanks for the memories, the laughs and the tears. My life will never be the same now that I have watched and listened to your talent...Thank you dear sweet Prince.


Thank you for the laughter and friends Freddie.  I love you.



Today I remember you with sadness but also with happiness. Sadness because you are no longer here, but happiness because you were here. I'm happy that I got a chance to hear your laughter. A chance to see that beautiful smile and those big brown eyes and know there was mischief behind them. You had a good heart and sometimes things happened your life you couldn't understand. You looked for answers that didn't always come. When you left I prayed you found peace with God. My memories of you are precious to me. Thank you for all you gave while you were here. I'll never forget you. Your laughter and memory will live on!
Debbie McMurtry



Suz, and all my friends...

Today, I had to do the eulogy at a funeral service, for the Mother of a dear friend. Most all faces there, could be seen harboring a somber look, or with tears in their eyes, and when I arrived the atmosphere, was one of gloom.

My friends Mom, was 87 years of age, and had been afflicted with alzheimer disease, for the past several years, and in and out of hospitals, all the time. She had lost a significant amount of weight, and her arms and wrists, were filled with bruises, from all the needles, and I-V's, and from the hospitals taking blood samples.

She had heart problems, had suffered several strokes, and was looking very pale the last time I saw her. She wasn't eating and when she did eat she couldn't hold it in, and also had problems with bowel movements. She looked like death, standing on a corner, chewing life-savers!

But guess what. As I began to open the service, I shared a light moment about my friends Mom, which everyone could identify with, because it was about her dog, whom she loved dearly, and those who knew her, knew about her dog. After making all in attendance laugh, including her children and relatives present, with a funny but touching story, the gloom and sadness, that had cast a shadow over the entire room, subsided, and a new spirit of life and joy, made their grand entrance.

When I think of my friend Freddie Prinze, I think not on all the shadows, that had taken over his well-being, but I think of the funny, wonderful, happy times we had together, as colleagues...and as friends! Because Freddie, was indeed my friend, and thats what I choose to remember.

I do not want to dwell in the negativity or uprisings in his sadness, but in the joy and the fullness of his short, sweet life. I choose to remember all the crazy, humorous, times we had, and the dumb pranks he was involved in, to get us to laugh, and made me a part of, even when I didn't know what was going on.

I remember the talented, handsome, girl-happy kid, who cmae from New York at the age of 18, and took Hollywood by storm! I remember a kid who couldn't quite grow a mustache, and would have to darken it with eye-brow pencil, along with his sideburns.

I remember a chubby, tall, good looking young man with big dimples, who had more talent in one finger, than I had in my entire body, but at times didn't even know himself, how funny he really was! He had figured out how to make people like him, and it was through laughter, so he became the funniest person he could possibly be.

I remember a young boy, trying to be a man, but was just a kid at heart, and I choose to remember all the great times I was able to share with him. So, on the anniversary of his...LIFE...I want to remember my friend Freddie, with the love and caring, and respect, we had for one another...and the joy and laughter he brought into my heart. He was definitely a character! He could easily get you upset! and knew, how to "push buttons", but in his way, only as Freddie could...he also knew how to love! Good night sweet Prinze...We still have much to talk about!... and I always think about you, my friend... Love...Mando


Another year has passed and all us Freddie fans are still together,  sharing moments, pictures, CD's and tapes of anything we can get our hands on...and we're still talking about the young man that managed to steal all our hearts after watching him on Chico and The Man.  I will never forget the connection with Freddie Prinze as I watched during TV Land's marathon weekend. You know the connection is meaningful and true...when it was never planned and you just happened to come across the show while channel surfing.  Freddie Prinze had the magic that held you captive and made you want to know more about him. His smile made you smile, his large round eyes made you want to swoon and his dimples are like none I have ever seen since.  His looks are original as was his material.  His talent was endless, his gentle and caring heart brought tears to my eyes when I read Maria's book and she told the story of how he gave his Buddy Rich drums away to a stranger who needed them to keep his job.  He was only 22 years old and yet it seemed like he lived a lifetime in those few short years.
God gave him to us as a gift, one to be cherished and handled with we have.  Freddie wanted to be remembered...and he is.  He wanted children...and Our Lord gave him a wonderful son...a namesake...Freddie Jr.  "Pie" respectfully carries his father's memory in his heart and he has shown us that  you don't need to  know or personally meet someone to love them, remember them, cherish the moments that are so very special to all of us.  Thank you "Pie"....your father is so very proud of you...and I know our Freddie's heart is still beating when I look at you.  You are classy, as was your father...and you are true to yourself.  Here's to another new year, 2005, that we can continue celebrating the LIFE
of our dear prince.  You were here and gone in a flash...but never to be forgotten. 



As I think of the approaching remembrance of your life, though I never knew you I feel sad for the loss, not only to your family, close friends, and countless fans, but to the world of entertainment with all that you accomplished in your all too short career.

But it is with Joy, not sadness that I associate with my thoughts of you. You were a true talent with creativity, ambition and drive.

As George Lopez and many others have said, you paved the way for them to do what they love by pressing forward with your dream, and your dream made us laugh, made us happy and gave us dreams to dream.

Today is the day, as I spend it remembering your gift to us I pray for your family and friends, those blessed enough to have had you touch their lives if even for a moment.

We, your fans, take comfort in knowing you are in a better place now and that we are still able to enjoy your legacy through the soon to be released DVD of your show.

Congratulations on receiving your star and the TV land award as well.

We love you Freddie!

Angie ( Joy)


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