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Ed Brown's Garage
Road Trippin' - Viva Los Vegas! Chapters 6-10


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Chapter 6

Chico knocked on Pepe's door.

"Come in," Pepe said.

"Pepe, it's me Chico."

Chico walked in as he heard a girls voice.

"Liz?" Chico looked surprised.

"Chico?" Liz ran to Chico and greeted him

"It's so nice to see you again. Thanks for helping Pepe out," Chico said.

"Hey Chico, no trouble at all," Liz said.

" I've missed you, you know," Liz said has she tickled Chicos tummy.

"Pepe has offered me a few days off. So I came by to visit when I heard you were in town," said Liz.

"That was nice of Pepe," Chico said as he hugged Liz.

" Hey how about some Black Jack! I feel lucky Chico," said Liz.

"You and me both, sister!" Chico said with a grin.

Chico and Liz headed for the casino.

"Hey about playing some craps," Chico said.

"Ok Chico, lead the way!" Liz followed Chico where they found a not so busy table.

"Here Liz, ladies first!" Chico said.

"Ok baby roll me a seven! ... Ah nuts!" said Liz.

"I guess I'm not having any good luck here Chico," Liz said as she laid her head on Chico's shoulder.

"Here Liz, youre throwing them all wrong. Gotta use the wrist more. Here, let me show you," Chico said.

Chico went behind Liz. Held her hand and they threw the dice together.

"Hey Chico, that's pretty good!" smiled Liz.

"See Liz, I knew you could do it!" Chico held her from behind again. Chico helped her throw the dice some more. This time he turned to her afterwards and kissed her.

"M'm, m'm, Chico let's keep the dice hot and not us ok?" Liz said

"Sorry Liz, seeing you again got me all excited, just had to express myself," Chico said.

"Well, you did a very good job of it, Chico," Liz smiled.

Chico turned to Liz and kissed her again.

"Liz, are you and Pepe... involved in any way?" Chico awaited her answer.

"No Chico, strictly business," Liz said.

"Well, I don't want to come between you and Pepe," Liz said.

"You mean like how you were doing with me and the gambling?" Chico smiled.

"Wanna go hit the crap tables, Liz? " Chico said.

"Sure Chico just give me a few minutes so I can let Pepe know where I am".

Liz dialed the front desk and left a message for Pepe.

"Ok Chico let's get rollin" Said Liz.

"Ah rollin' you think your gonna have some hot dice tonight? Huh." Chico said with a smirk.

"I'm gonna win big Chico. I can feel it!" Liz cupped her hands expecting big winnings.

Chico and Liz headed towards the casino when they spotted Pepe.

"Hey, hey Pepe!" Chico shouted.

"Hello Pepe," Liz followed.

"Care to join us at the casino?" Liz asked.

"Why Liz, I'd love to join you! " said Pepe.

Chico and Liz escorted Pepe on each arm to the casino.

"Ah, what shall we play first?" Pepe said.

"I vote for the craps table!" Liz said.

"I second that mama!" Chico said.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea to me," Pepe said.

They all gathered at the table.

Chico shook the dice and kissed them.

"Come on honey baby bring me luck!

"Hey, hey alright!" Chico cheered.

Liz followed, shook her dice and threw them.

"Ah so close Chico. Maybe next time," Liz said.

"Here let me try! " Pepe said. Pepe threw the dice.

"Hey, hey, way to go Pepe! " Chico said.

"Did I win?" Pepe said.

"Your sure did ". Chico and Liz said together.

"Are you my prize, Liz? " Pepe said.

"Ah Pepe, stop kidding around," Liz patted him on the shoulder.

"Liz has brought us good luck Pepe," Chico said.

"Yes, she's quite a good luck charm. Something I'd like to hang on to," Pepe said.

"You and me both cuz' " Chico said.

"I'll understand Chico if you are thinking of getting serious with her. She's a sweet girl. You know I tried to make a move on her when I visited you last. She slapped me silly," Pepe said.

"Yes, Pepe I remember very well," Chico said.

"Don't ever argue with a women like that Chico. She's feisty!" Pepe said.

"Thanks for the warning Pepe!" Chico and Pepe both laughed.

Pepe and a companion left for the bar.

Chico gave the dice to Liz.

"Here Liz, you roll the dice". Chico said.

"Ok, Chico." Liz got a hold of the dice. Chico was behind Liz with his arms around her.

"You know Chico with you being so close to me, people are gonna think were married or something," Liz said jokingly.

"Well you know, Liz, we've known each other for quite sometime. Heck, were almost family with you helping Pepe," Chico said.

"How about we... make it official?" Chico looked in Liz's eyes.

"You, Mrs. Chico Rodriguez?" Liz had a curious look on her face.

"Sure Liz, why not?" Chico smiled.

"How do you think Pepe will take it?" Liz said.

"I'm sure Pepe will be thrilled," Chico said.

"Well Chico, this is a bet we both have won. Let's do it!" Liz tossed the dice in the air and it landed on the table.

Chico and Liz took off to find everyone. They found Ed and Louie at the bar.

"Hey Ed, Louie, We are getting married ! Please help us find Reverend Bemis."

"Hey that's great Chico and Liz! Let's go find the Rev!" said Louie.

They all searched the hotel and found Reverend Bemis in the chapel.

"Reverend Bemis?" Chico and Liz approached him.

"Yes, my children?" Reverend Bemis said.

"We, Liz and I, have decided to get married here in the chapel. Would you do the honor of officiating the ceremony?" Chico said.

"Would I!?! Why I would be delighted!" Reverend Bemis said with a big smile.

"Great Rev, we let you know more on the details of the wedding. First we have to go find Pepe. " Liz and Chico hugged Reverend Bemis.

Liz and Chico called Pepe from the front desk.

"Pepe, Liz and I would like to ask you a special favor from you. If we may?" Chico said.

"Yes, anything Chico"

" Would you mind if you could sing a song at our wedding?" Chico said.

"Wedding? Well that's great news Chico! Pepe said.

"We are planning on getting married tomorrow in the Hotel Chapel," Chico said.

"Yes Chico, that will be my gift to you and Liz," Pepe said happily.

Chico and Liz said good night to everyone and waited patiently for tomorrow.

Chapter 7

Liz woke up early. She was singing. "I'm going to the Chapel and were gonna get married."

Louie, Chico, and Reverend Bemis were asleep in the next room. Ed was tossing and turning.

"What is that awful noise I keep hearing?" Ed said tiredly.

Ed nudged Chico.

"Chico, Chico, do you hear that?" Ed said.

"Hear what Ed?" Chico turned over.

"That awful noise?!" Ed said.

Chico got up and stuck his ear closer to the wall.

"Ah, that's Liz singing! That's so sweet." Chico swayed back and forth to the beat of the song Liz sang.

"I think Ill go get the wax out of my ears," Ed said as he got up.

Chico rose out of bed thinking about Liz and getting married.

"Ah, It's gonna be a day I'll never forget!" Chico said as he stretched his arms.

"Getting married to mi amore Liz in Vegas and having Pepe here with us." Chico smiled as he looked out the hotel window.

Chico called Liz at her hotel room.

"Ah, mi amante bourica," Chico said softly.

"Chico?" Liz said.

"Yes Liz, who were you expecting? Pepe? " Chico asked.

"No Chico, I've been singing and I'm so happy. I was just in my own little world. Pepe means nothing to me," Liz explained.

"Whew that's a relief!" Chico said.

"Pepe tells me often that he's afraid to approach you thinking youre gonna slap him silly. Like you did when you first met," Chico said.

"Well he knows better now, Chico, I've got him under control," Liz laughed.

"Wow Chico, I'm so excited! Soon I'll be Mrs. Chico Rodriguez. Well Chico, until then, I must not see you till the wedding. Bad luck you know!" Liz said.

"Yes, yes, mi linda, I'll be waiting ". Chico said anxiously.

Later in the day Liz got her outfit she was going to wear and headed for the Chapel. Her arms were fully loaded. Liz could barely make it down the hallway.

"Boy, this is a lot of stuff to wear just to get married. I hope I never have to do this again. I'm so nervous!" Liz said

Chico along with Ed, Louie and Reverend Bemis went in a different direction to the Chapel. "Do you have everything?" Chico asked nervously.

"Yeah Chico, we got our bag you gave us with the change of clothes in it," Ed said.

"What's in here anyway. Can we see it? " Louie asked.

"No, No, don't open it now, you'll ruin the surprise!" Chico said frantically.

"Ok, ok!" each of them said.

They arrived at the chapel dressing room.

"Ok, you can open your bags now," Chico said anxiously.

Louie opened his bag. "You've got to be kidding Chico!"

Ed opened his bag. " I think I'm having a flash back.... I need a drink!"

Reverend Bemis opened his bag and peeked inside. "Oh Lord! This must be your punishment for my gambling!"

They all changed and headed for the Chapel.

Liz waited patiently for her cue to come in.

Ed, Louie, and Chico, wearing sequined outfits, walked in as the sound of the organ started to play.

"Oh my god!" Liz said as she walked down the aisle. She walked slowly so her headpiece wouldnt fall.

"You guys make great looking Elvis's. " Liz couldn't keep from laughing.

Reverend Bemis, whose back was turned to everyone, turned around on cue and said,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sands Hotel and Casino proudly welcomes Chico and Liz as they present themselves to the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley!"

Chico and Liz looked at each others costumes then looked at Ed, louie, and Reverend Bemis.

"Funky looking outfits," Chico said to Ed.

"Loooking Goood! " Chico said to Reverend Bemis.

"Thank you, We got ours at a discount from the Flying Elvis'," Reverend Bemis said.

"It looks good on you, Rev," he said with a wink and a nudge.

Reverend Bemis got ready to perform the ceremony.

"Do you, Chico Rodriguez Y Sanchez, take Liz Garcia to be your lawfully wedded wife? If so respond with I do."

Chico turned to Liz.

"You got it Momma! " Chico said with an Elvis tone.

"Do you, Liz Garcia, take Chico Rodriguez Y Sanchez to be your lawfully wedded husband? " Reverend Bemis said.

Liz turned to Chico. Liz, chewing on bubble gum, blew a big bubble and popped it.

"Ditto!" said Liz.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now for some special music. Pepe Fernando has prepared something special for the bride and groom."

Ed walked Pepe over by Liz and Chico.

"Chico and Liz before I begin the song, there's something I have to get off my chest," Pepe said.

"Oh no!" Chico thought. "He's gonna try to call off the wedding!"

Chico panicked as he fussed with his jump suit.

"Chico and Liz have been great friends and family to me. I hope that they have a love that will last forever," Pepe smiled.

Pepe began to sing his own version of Love Me Tender.

Chico leaned over to Liz

"For a minute there I thought he was going to call off the wedding," Chico whispered.

"You and me both Chico," Liz whispered.

Liz and Chico exchanged vows.

"By the power vested in me, by the state of Nevada, and the Chapel of Elvis Presley, I now pronounce you The King and Queen of Rock and Roll!" Reverend Bemis shouted with glee!

"Chico, I mean Elvis you may now kiss the bride!" Reverend Bemis raised his hands in praise.

Chico leaned over to Liz and gave her a long slow kiss.

"Ahem, ahem " Reverend Bemis said as patted Chico's arm.

"Show's over Chico, Liz.

Chico and Liz released from their kissing and gleamed from happiness.

"I love you," Chico and Liz said to each other.

"Thank you, Reverend Bemis," said Chico.

"Ah Chico, its a pleasure to perform such a sweet wedding such as this. Although I never thought I'd be dressed as Elvis though," Reverend Bemis said as he tugged on his belt.

"Well Rev that makes two of us," Chico said as he shook his hand. "I think if Pepe were able to see this, he would of been cracking up throughout his song". Chico said.

"Chico, Liz, I want to congratulate you on your wedding. You two look so happy together," Ed said as he hugged both of them.

"Yeah, Chico, you've made me so happy I could cry right now. You know I don't like to make a scene," Louie said.

Pepe called Chico and Liz over.

"I hope you two have a wonderful life together." Pepe shook Chico's hand and then hugged Liz.

Pepe wouldn't let go of Liz.

" I'm sorry Liz, I wish our time together would of meant something more then just business. You know I adored you," Pepe whispered.

Liz was trying to release from Pepe.

"Pepe, all things happen for a reason. Ours wasn't meant to be. You'll always be in my heart, Youre very special," Liz said.

Liz gave Pepe a kiss on the cheek, then Pepe released her.

"Is everything ok, Liz?" Chico asked.

"Yes, Chico, everything is fine. Pepe and I have an understanding," Liz reassured Chico.

Chico and Liz headed for the Bridal Suite.

"Ah, mi amore." Chico lifted Liz up and carried her through the door.

"Ah, I can't believe it Chico! Me, Mrs. Chico Rodriguez."

"Believe it Mama! " Chico approached her, kissed her and started to caress her.

"Mi amante brouica," Liz whispered in his ear.

Chico kissed her all over, lightly running his fingers down her spine. Liz gasped as Chico pleasured her.

Liz rubbed her hands all over Chico. Liz began to pleasure Chico as they lay on the bed. Chico began to squeal and squirm as he felt the heat of the moment.

"Mera mami linda oyeee!" Chico said to Liz. Liz went up to Chico and kissed him.

As they finished making love they hugged and kissed each other then fell asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 8

A knock came upon Chico and Liz's door.

"Who can that be so early in the morning?" they both said tiredly.

Chico and Liz threw on a robe and headed for the door.

"Good morning newlyweds!" said Louie.

"Say, how are the two love birds this morning?" Ed said.

"It's 5:00 am," Chico yawned.

"Why, you should have had time to sleep," Ed said.

"Say, whose up to go to the casino?" Reverend Bemis said as he rubbed his hands together.

"Hey Reverend Bemis how long has it been since you've been to confession?" Chico asked.

"Why Chico I went this morning. Why do you ask my son?" Reverend Bemis asked.

"I'm worried about you and your gambling Rev. I just don't want nothing bad to happen to you," Chico gripped his shoulder.

"You mean a lot to Liz and I " Chico said.

"Well thank you Chico, if anything were to go wrong which in this case it hasn't, I would have asked Ed If I could move into the van till things got better," Reverend Bemis reassured Chico.

"What? The van?" Ed said.

"Not to worry Ed. It won't happen," Reverend Bemis said.

Later Liz and Chico met Pepe for Brunch.

"Ah Liz, Chico, how was your first night together?" Pepe asked.

"Beautiful, Pepe!" Liz smiled at Chico.

"It was dyn-o-mite!" smiled Chico.

"Hey, I'll be right back, I'm gonna check out the buffet." Chico got up and left.

"So Liz? Did you think of me as you made love to Chico?" Pepe said.

"Pepe, how can you ask a question like that?" Liz blushed.

"No reason, I just thought you were reliving old times. You know, me making love to you". Pepe said as he held her hand.

"Shh, Chico will hear," Liz tried to quiet Pepe.

"Chico and I had a beautiful moment together Pepe," Liz whispered.

"Anything like ours?" Pepe asked.

Chico walked over to their table.

"Anything like what? " Chico said.

"Chico, when Liz and I were touring we had a thing going on," Pepe said.

"Its all in the past Chico. Pepe means nothing to me anymore," Liz whispered in Chico's ear.

"Pepe, what you did with Liz on tour is history. Liz and I are in love in the present and in the future," Chico said.

"Thank you, cuz," Pepe said.

"No thank you Pepe, Liz is a part of the family now. Liz and I will be together even when we grow old and gray," Chico said as he smiled at Liz.

"Just imagine me old and gray, Chico," Liz said.

"Hello!" Chico hugged her.

"Another thing I wanted to bring up, Chico, is having all of you come and attend my last night here in Vegas. It will be a nice evening with everyone together," Pepe smiled.

"Please get a hold of Ed, Louie and the rev for me ok?" Pepe said.

"Oh Pepe, we will all enjoy your last show here. We will be looking forward to it," Liz said.

Chapter 9

Ed's phone rang.

"Hello, Chico! How nice to hear from you. Are you and Liz still married?" Ed said jokingly.

"Yes Ed," Chico sounded nervous.

"Pepe has invited us to his last show here at the hotel. Could you inform Louie and Reverend Bemis that they are to come too?" Chico said.

"Sure Chico, anything special happening that night?" Ed said.

"I'm sorry Ed it's a surprise. Only Pepe and I know. Liz doesn't have a clue either," Chico said secretly.

"Ok Chico, we will be in suspense till the show starts," Ed said as he hung up the phone.

Later that evening, Chico and Liz came to the hotel room.

"Ready to go?" Chico and Liz said

"Wow you guys look great ! All dressed up". Louie said.

"Why thank you, Louie " Liz said. "You look mighty fine yourself." Liz got a hold of Louies jacket.

Everyone gathered and headed towards the theater where Pepe was to perform.

"Wow! These are great seats," Louie said.

"Yes, I got them from Pepe," Chico said nervously.

"What's the matter Chico? You seem nervous," Ed said.

"Oh nothing Ed. Nothing at all," Chico said.

The house lights went down and the announcer presented Pepe.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sands Hotel and Casino Proudly Welcome ... PEPE FERNANDO!"

The audience went wild.

Pepe began to sing. The audience began to scream and cheer.

Pepe looked over to Chico's table.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I just want to say it is an honor to perform for you tonight here at the Sands," Pepe said.

Pepe motioned Chico over.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me a special privilege to introduce to you someone I love dearly," Pepe smiled.

"Chico Rodriguez, ladies and gentlemen." Pepe stood back from the spotlight.

Chico got up from his chair and headed for the stage.

Chico did a little comedy and sang his own version of Light My Fire. He dazzled the crowd as he then sang Marvin Gayes Lets Get It On.

"Oh my!" Liz said. "That was beautiful." Liz was about to cry.

"Ladies and gentlemen," as Chico headed for Liz, "I just want to say how much I love my newly wedded wife. Liz Garcia Rodriguez, ladies and gentleman." Chico went to Liz as the spotlight followed him. "I love you," he whispered in her ear.

The crowd loved him as he finished his act. As Chico left he hugged Pepe. " They loved me out there!" Chico said to Pepe.

"Yes, Chico I always thought you were funny. I wanted you to have the spot light as a thank you for all you've done for me here." Pepe hugged Chico. "I also have something to ask of you Chico if you wouldn't mind." Pepe whispered in his ear.

Chico left and met with Ed, Louie, Liz and Reverend Bemis.

"Hey, that was great! I didn't know you could sing like that," Ed said.

"That was terrific Chico!" Louie and Reverend Bemis said.

"Ah my song bird, I love that Marvin Gaye song, Chico. Thank you." Liz kissed him.

"Good night everyone, see you all bright and early in the morning." Chico and Liz hugged everyone and went to the room.

Chapter 10

The morning came.

Everyone got up, packed their bags to head back home.

"You know Chico, it was a fabulous trip," Liz said.

"I never thought we'd get married here and be with your Cousin Pepe," Liz said.

"Yes Liz, I had a great time here," Chico said.

Chico hugged Liz for a long time

"Liz, I love you so much it hurts," Chico said.

Chico kept hugging her I wouldn't let her go.

"Chico, is there something wrong?" Liz asked.

Chico sat Liz down on the bed

"Liz, I just cant get the words out with that I have here in my heart. Please hold me," Chico said.

Liz leaned over to Chico. They held each other, slowly caressing. Chico kissed Liz.

Chico couldn't keep it in any longer.

"Oh God, Liz, I have been invited by Pepe and their management to open up Pepe's act for the rest of Pepe's tour. Imagine me doing stand up for Pepe!" Chico said.

"What? Don't tell me your gonna sing too? Yeah, Chico, you were good, but you weren't Lou Rawls or somebody like that!" Liz came apart from Chico.

"Does this mean your not coming back home with the rest of us? What about me?" Liz became disappointed.

"Liz, I have been thinking about this since Pepe offered me the job," Chico said. "I told him I'd think about it".

"Liz, it was a thrill being on stage doing standup comedy. I know the singing has got to go."

Liz turned her back on Chico.

"I've always enjoyed making people laugh but my most priority is you Liz!" Chico tried to comfort her.

"Mera mami linda oyee!" Chico held out his hand.

Liz stayed where she was.

"Please Chico, I love you. Don't try to sweet talk me."

"What can I do to make you come back to me Chico " Liz begged.

Liz leaned over to Chico and passionately kissed him.

"I need you Chico". Liz was shaking from his scent and her desire for him. "Please don't leave me."

Chico caressed her as he kissed her.

"Ah, mi amore," Chico whispered.

Still in his mind he thought about Pepe's offer of doing stand up comedy.

"Are you ok, Chico? You seem distant." Liz looked in his eyes.

"I'm sorry Liz. I love you, but I had a great feeling come over me while I was on stage. It really felt good," Chico said.

"Are you changing your mind Chico? Are you going to travel with Pepe?" Liz cried. "I don't want to lose you."

Chico continued to hug Liz.

"Liz, if it means that much to you I will tell Pepe that I have decided to decline his offer. I'm sure he'll understand." Chico kissed Liz.

"Please don't be mad at me, Chico. I just didn't want anything bad happening to you, to us". Liz said.

"Well Liz, that's why I was hoping you'd be happy so you and I could be together. I understand now Liz and accept your feelings," Chico said.

Chico kissed Liz. "Thank you mi amor."

A knock came upon the door.

Liz opened the door.

"Hey Liz, Chico, all set to go?" Louie said.

Ed and Reverend Bemis were behind Louie.

"Yes Louie! All set" Chico said as he got their bags.

"Rosebud is already for her trip back. She's all warmed up," Louie said.

They all left the room and headed for the front desk.

Chico went to the hotel phone in the lobby and called Pepe's room.

"Pepe?" Chico said.

"Yes, Chico," said Pepe.

"Thank you for a wonderful time. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves," Chico said.

"Ah Chico, It was a pleasure spending time with everyone. I hope I didn't cause you any trouble with Liz and the gang," Pepe said.

"Ah Pepe, I'm sure it was a little hectic and crazy but deep down we had fun," Chico said.

"Well Pepe, I must be going, everyone is getting anxious to get home," Chico said.

" Ok. Chico, adios amigo!" Pepe hung up the phone.

Chico headed for Louies car.

"Ok everyone, we all set? " Louie said.

"Ok here," Ed said.

"Me too," Liz yawned

"I wanna go back to the casino. We got a little more time don't we? " Reverend Bemis asked.

"Rev!" everyone shouted.

"Ok, Ok, I'm ready. Geesh, what a man has to do to try to earn an extra buck!" Reverend Bemis said.

As Louie pulled out of the hotel entrance, Chico put his hands over the back of his head and leaned back. Chico thought about his vacation.

"Ah, it was a wonderful time," he thought. "Too bad it had to end so soon."

Chico thought about Pepe, then he turned to Liz.

"Thank you for making this the best time of my life."

Chico kissed her as they made there way back home.