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Ed Brown's Garage
Road Trippin - Viva Los Vegas Chapters 1-5


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Road Trippin-Viva Las Vegas!

By Suzanne Magoon


Chapter 1

Ed and Chico were in the office when Louie pulled in the garage. Louie got out of the car with tears in his eyes.

"Chico, Ed? I'm afraid I have some bad news to tell you."

Ed waved to Chico to his direction.

"Rosebud and I have had a wonderful relationship. I'm afraid she's on her last mile," Louie sadly said as he wiped his eyes.

"Ah Louie you've had her for years. Think of all the good times you've had together " Ed said.

"Yeah Ed, that's why I can't part with Rosebud".

"Here Louie, let me see if I can add little more life to her".

Chico opened the hood and fiddled with the engine.

"Mail Call , Mail Call !" Mable came into the garage.

"Here Ed', she said as she handed him his mail.

"Thanks Mable " He said as he tore them up and threw them up in the air.

"You know Ed, you should really open up your mail. You'll never know what you'll find in there". Mable said with her arms folded.

"All I find are letters saying I owe! I owe! "

"Here, Chico, you have mail also. One looks important. It's a telegram".

"Thanks," Chico said, "Hey it's a letter from my Cousin Pepe! He's performing in Vegas! He wants me to be there with him."

"Vegas?! How can you go during the busy season?" Ed said

"Busy season? We haven't been busy in weeks. " Chico said.

"Vegas, I love Vegas! Thats a sinful city though. When do I pack?" said Louie.

"You know something Louie you've given me a great idea. Why dont we all go to Vegas? I can see Pepe and you can give

Rose Bud one last hurrah!" said Chico.

"Hey that's a wonderful idea! " said Louie.

"Let's hustle Ed. First I've got to call Reverend Bemis and tell him his Scooter is ready." Chico said.

Chico quickly dialed his number.

"Reverend Bemis your scooter is ready. Could you please come over and pick it up?" Chico said, eagerly waiting for his response.

"Why Chico my son, what seems to be the hurry? Reverend Bemis asked.

" Well Reverend Bemis, My Cousin Pepe is performing in Vegas. He has invited me to come see him." Chico said.

"Vegas?!? That dreadful sinful town with gamblers, hookers, and drunkards? I'd better come along to make sure you stay out of trouble Chico."

Chapter 2

Very early the next morning everyone met with their bags at Eds garage.

"Gee, Ed, I hope ole Rosebud can make the trip. I hope she'll enjoy the trip as much as I will."

Reverend Bemis patted Louie on the shoulder.

" Louie, may God grant Rosebud her special trip to Los Vegas. Amen!" Reverend Bemis prayed.

" Amen!" They all shouted.

"Now let's get a rollin' Rosebud!" Louie shouted as he pulled out of the garage.

"Here guys, I packed us a lunch for the trip." Chico passed out the sandwiches to everyone.

" What do you have to drink Chico? Reverend Bemis asked.

"Here Rev, here is some juice I cooked last night." Chico said.

Ed turned his head to Chico.

"Oh no, Chico, not that stuff?"

"Yeah, Ed," Chico said.

"Reverend Bemis that stuff has a kick to it!" Ed said

"Ah Ed, nothing is too strong for me." Reverend Bemis said.

"Here then Rev, get a load of this." Ed passed him the bottle.

Reverend Bemis took a swig from the bottle.

"Ooof! This stuff should be outlawed!" Reverend Bemis said as he took another swig from the bottle. "Oooof!"

"There's no alcohol in it Rev," said Chico.

"It doesn't need any!" said Reverend Bemis.

"Hey gimme some of that Chico," Louie shouted.

"Hey this is pretty good! Not enough Tabasco sauce though."

Reverend Bemis shook his head as he looked Louie.

"No wonder youre so fiery all the time Louie!" Ed said.

Night approached, as the lights from Vegas became brighter.

"Ah, the city that never sleeps".

Chico raised his arms and stretched them out the window.

"Hey look there's Pepe's Hotel."

Chico said and pointed in its direction.

"The Sands Hotel and Casino. Well what'll you know," Ed said happily.

As Louie pulled rosebud to the front entrance, they all got out of the car. "So, this is the famous Sands hotel. Hello!" Chico said.

"Just lead me to the bar!" Ed said.

They all checked in and entered their room.

"Ah how nice a fruit basket! Theres a note for Chico," said Chico.

The note said, "To Chico, hope to meet all of you soon. Signed Pepe Fernando".

"Ah that was nice of Pepe to send us the fruit basket. I will call him and tell him we received it," Chico said.

Louie went to the basket and grabbed a handful of fruit. He started to eat them.

"Louie stop eating all the fruit!" Ed said.

"But Im hungry Ed!" Louie said.

Chico dialed the hotel operator.

"Pepe Fernando's room please. This Chico Rodriguez."

"Hello?" Pepe said

"Pepe? This is Chico."

"Hey bee! Glad you made it!" Pepe said.

"Thanks for inviting us Pepe," Chico said.

"Ah Chico, it's nice to have family around," Pepe said.

"Have you settled in yet?" Pepe asked.

"Yes, in fact we are getting ready to hit the casino."

"Wonderful, have a great time then," Pepe said.

Later everyone left for the casino.

"Ah, the Black Jack tables, the poker tables. The roulette. Where do I begin!" Ed said.

Chico spotted a pretty lady walking past them.

"I'll begin over here!" Chico said.

Chico started to follow her.

"Mera mami linda oyeee!" Chico shouted as he blew kisses at her.

"Well, at least we'll know where Chico will be for a while," Ed said.

Ed and Louie sat at the black jack table. Played a few, lost a few. Chico came over and sat next to them.

"Have you guys seen Reverend Bemis lately?" Chico said.

"No Chico, I havent." Louie said.

"Nope, nada " Ed said as he watched the table.

" Well hello gentlemen," Reverend Bemis came from behind them.

"Surprised to see you here, Rev." Chico said.

"Just checking up on you three. Making sure youre out of the Devils path."

"Sorry Reverend Bemis I took a wrong turn past the lobby." Ed said as Louie hid his face in shame.

"Well, I'll leave you three alone." Reverend Bemis left their table.

As Reverend Bemis headed out the casino he stepped on a poker chip.

"Hmm, a lost poker chip. What is this supposed to tell me...I'll turn it in and donate it to the Church back home."

As Reverend Bemis headed towards the cashier he spotted a roulette table.

"Hmm, what's going on here?" Reverend Bemis said as he looked on at the action going on at the table.

"Place your bets!" said the attendant at the table.

Reverend Bemis tossed his chip in the air. "Should I, or shouldn't I? Sands side yes, other side no".

Reverend Bemis tossed the coin in the air and watched it as it fell to the floor.

"Sands!" Yelled Reverend Bemis as he raised his hands in the air.


He gratefully headed for the table and placed his bet.

"I'd like to put this chip on black 16" Reverend Bemis said.

"Are you sure?" said the attendant. Reverend Bemis did not realize he had found an expensive chip.

"Yes, on black 16 " Reverend Bemis said.

The attendant dropped the ball and the wheel spun and spun.

"Oh boy!" Reverend Bemis said as he rubbed his hands together.

"Black 16! " The attendant shouted.

"Praise God!" yelled Reverend Bemis. "The Lord is good."

Reverend Bemis gratefully excepted his winning chips.

"I'd like to place another bet on black 16 again please". Said Reverend Bemis. He then waited for the wheel to stop spinning. "Hallelujah! I did it again! The Lord is good!" Reverend Bemis was gleaming with joy.

Meanwhile Ed, Louie and Chico were playing poker. They received their cards. Each enjoying a cigar.

"Hey Waitress! Gimme a bourbon, " Ed said.

"Whatcha got Louie?" Ed said.

"I'm not gonna tell you Ed!" Louie shouted.

"Gimme another card!" each of them yelled.

"Hey! Hey! I won!" Chico got up from his chair and did a little dance.

"Holy Smokey Robinson! It's a miracle!" Chico gleamed from the win. Then He gawked at a passing lady. * Smooch* "Come here to daddy sweetheart!" Chico said.

"Ah Chico, sit down and play some more," Louie said.

"You know I've been kinda worried about Reverend Bemis? I hope he's not bored to death." Ed said.

A loud thunderous applause was heard at the other side of the casino.

"Hey, let's see what all the commotion is all about?" They said to one another.

They came closer to the crowd.

"Reverend Bemis... I thought you didn't gamble?" Ed, Louie and Chico said.

Reverend Bemis folded his arms over the pile of winnings trying to hide the evidence.

"Sorry Ed, Chico, Louie, I found a chip and this were it lead me. I just couldn't stop playing!"

"We forgive you Rev" Ed said as he nudged him. "Now gimme some of those chips."

Chapter 3

Later in the evening the house phone rang.

"Paging Chico Rodriguez, Chico Rodriguez."

Chico ran to the phone.

"Chico, can you come up to the room? I need to talk to you".

"Sure thing Pepe! I'll be right there."

Chico knocked on Pepe's door.

"Wow Pepe! Youre living the big time!" Chico said. Chico couldn't get over the size of Pepe's suite.

"Thanks Chico, It's been along road to the top. I finally made it to Vegas! Could you hang with me for a while, It's been lonely at the top you know without any family," Pepe said

"Sure thing Pepe, we can have a lot of fun together here in Las Vegas." Chico hugged Pepe.

"What do you think of the mucho bonitas, Chico?" Pepe said with a grin.

"Theyre wall to wall, Pepe! Girls everywhere, night and day!" Chico said.

"That's great Chico!" Pepe said.

" Hey, listen Pepe, I better go find Ed and Louie. Theyre probably worried sick about me," Chico said.

"Ok Chico, I'll call you later after the show," Pepe said.

"You got it!" Chico said as he left to go find Ed.

Later Pepe, Ed, Louie and Chico met together to have brunch. Chico was anxious to finish his meal so he can go to the casino.

"Sorry I'm rushing. I might have a date with a cute little black jack dealer. I wanna deal her the right card," Chico said with a wink.

"Ok Chico you go chase after that bonita for me. In fact give her my number," Pepe said jokingly.

"Ah Pepe it's nice to see you and Chico and laughing again, especially after you were hitting on Liz," Ed said.

"Yeah, Chico and I got over that a while ago. Is Liz still going to nursing school?" Pepe asked.

"Yeah, as far as we know," Ed said.

"Um... Ed, Louie, I have a favor to ask of you. As well as Reverend Bemis," Pepe said desperately.

"What is it?" Ed said.

"What seems to be the trouble?" Louie asked.

"There seems to be trouble with the books. I keep getting calls regarding money I'm supposed to be paying that I was never aware of," Pepe said nervously.

"How long has this been going on Pepe?" Louie asked.

"About a couple of months," Pepe said secretly.

"Hello everyone! Sorry I'm late," Reverend Bemis said.

"Hey no problem Reverend Bemis, glad you could make it. By the way, how much did you win this morning?" Pepe smiled as he kidded with the Reverend.

"I'm going straight to hell!" said Reverend Bemis as he gave a shocked look and covered his face in embarrassment.

"Don't worry Rev, I won't tell," said Pepe.

"Well, anyway as I was saying, I need to find a way to prove that the money is missing," Pepe said.

"Did you hire any new people lately Pepe?" Ed asked.

"Just two fellas, said that they were good accountants," said Pepe.

" Why don't the three of us do some investigating?" Reverend Bemis said.

"Yeah! It will be just like Sherlock Holmes ". Ed said

"Please don't tell Chico right now. He's having a great time here, I don't want to ruin his vacation," Pepe said.

"Your secret is safe with us Pepe," they all said to one another as the raise the glasses and clanked them together.

Chapter 4

Chico was at the tables.

"Say Momma how about you and I get together and have our own little poker party and later catch a Vegas Show ". The girl agreed and the both went for a walk.

Ed, Louie and Reverend Bemis looked for the thugs that screwed Pepe over.

"You know Ed, how are we gonna find two thugs in a place like this? This place is probably crawling with them," Louie said.

"Just think about the old movies Louie. Look for two guys wearing hideous looking striped suits". Ed said.

"Hey, what's happening over there?" Reverend Bemis shouted. "Looks like a bunch of hideous looking thugs to me," Reverend Bemis said.

Ed, Louie, and Reverend Bemis approached the group of men.

"Are you here for the show?" A cigar smoking Mexican asked.

"Show? What show?" Ed questioned.

"What? What are you talking about?" Louie said

"Follow me," said the Mexican.

"Where are we going?" Louie asked.

"I don't know, I was told to follow him," Ed said.

"Here! The three of you take this bag and change!" said the Mexican.

"What's in here?" They all said one after another.

"No more talking! Hurry up and change," said the Mexican, "or you'll be late!"

Mean while Chico and his date got a close table for the show.

Chico called the waiter. "Hey waiter! We'll have a couple shots of tequila please!"

"You know, the best way to drink tequila is to lick a little salt, drink a little

Tequila, suck on a lemon, lick a little salt, drink a little tequila, suck on a lemon.

Between the licking and the sucking of the salt and the lemon, I'm surprised I get to drink much or any tequila!" Chico said with a laugh.

"Ah, this sounds like an interesting show. Something about the flying Elvis's," said Chico has he hugged his date.

"I've never heard of them Chico," said his date.

"Me either, the critics say it's funny though. We'll soon find out". Chico told his date.

The announcement came over the PA system.

"And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, the Sands Hotel and Casino proudly present the Flying Elviss!"

"Hey look, a whole bunch of Elvis 's singing Good Luck Charm while they're swinging back and forth on bungie cords! They look like theyre flying." Chico's date said.

"Hey Chico!" Chico heard from a distance. "Get me down! Get me down!"

Chico kept hearing voices, but didnt realize where they were coming from.

One flew over by Chico. "Help! Get me down!"

"That's a funny looking Elvis," Chicos date said.

"Yeah theyre hilarious! " Said Chico.

"Wait a minute! Cheese and crackers! It's Ed, Louie, and coming far behind is Reverend Bemis!" Chico screamed.

"Are you guys outta your mind? What's up with that?" Chico screamed.

"Where on the look out for your Cousin Pepe!" Ed said.

" Can't talk now, I'll explain later".

Shortly after the flying Elvis's left the stage.

An announcer came to the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sand hotel and Casino Proudly present Pepe Fernando!"

Pepe started the show off with Light My Fire. The crowd went wild.

"That's my cousin over there on the stage," Chico sat tall and pointed to Pepe.

"Pepe Fernando is your cousin?" his date asked.

Suddenly she hugged Chico and became more romantic.

"Hello!" Chico said with eagerness.

As the show continued, Louie and Reverend Bemis showed up at Chico's table. Ed came up from behind Chico.

"Ed, whats up with you, Louie and Reverend Bemis?" Chico became curious.

"Why were you all dressed up like Elvis and swinging from a bungie cord?" Chico asked.

"Pepe has had some financial trouble a few thugs as he called them," Ed said.

"Really? He never told me!" Chico said.

"Chico, Pepe didn't want to ruin your vacation. He was too happy to have you with him, he didn't want to spoil it for you. Anyhow it's all taken care of," Ed said over the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

"Pepe did ask me to have you see him again before you go back home ". Ed said.

"Ok Ed, thanks. I'll see him after the show". Chico said.

Later in the evening the house lights went on. Chico found his way back stage.

"I'm looking for Pepe Fernando's dressing room," Chico asked the guard.

"Who may I say is seeing him?" The guard said.

"My name is Chico Rodriguez Y Sanchez

"Hold on one sec". Said the guard.

"Right this way please, Mr. Rodriguez," said the guard.

The guard lead Chico to Pepe's dressing room.

"Pepe! , What a fabulous show !" Chico said.

"Chico, I'm so glad you could make it back". Pepe said.

"Tell me something Pepe, whats happening with your accountants?" Chico looked concerned.

"I noticed things weren't going well Chico when I was receiving money and getting calls regarding bills not being paid. I had Ed, Louie, and the Reverend check it out for me," Pepe said.

"Man, I would do anything for you Pepe. Were blood remember?" Chico said.

"Yes, Chico, please forgive me." Pepe hugged him.

"All is forgiven, brother," Chico said.

"Now lets find us some mucho bonitas!" Pepe said.

"You got it!" Chico said.

Chapter 5

Chico had decided to hit the tables very early in the morning together.

Chico couldn't stop thinking of Pepe's troubles. "If only I could help him out with some money," Chico thought as he quietly got dressed.

Chico dug into his pockets. "Hmm, what I have left couldn't put a dent in Pepe's troubles," Chico said quietly.

Chico snuck out the hotel room and headed for the Casino.

Chico got near the bar and saw someone sitting there.

"Pepe? Mighty early to be drinking isn't it !?! " Chico asked with concern.

"Yeah, maybe I should get together with Ed," said Pepe.

Chico and Pepe both laughed as Chico clanked Pepe's drink.

"Chico I've been here all night. I haven't been to sleep," said Pepe.

"Hey Pepe, things will get better now that those two guys are out of your business?" Chico tried to reassure Pepe.

"Yeah, but I'm also missing my family. Touring is rough Chico. Especially without any loved ones around," Pepe said.

"Are there anyone in your group that you can get to know closer?" Chico asked.

"Yes, but after my last experience with the accountants, I'm afraid I'll be swindled out of more money," Pepe said as he took a drink.

"I'd love to help you out Pepe, but I don't know how," Chico tried to reassure Pepe.

"Chico there is a way you can help me out," Pepe said as held Chicos arm.

"Please hang with me till the tour is over Chico," Pepe said.

"You want me to be with you through out the rest of the tour?!" Chico looked surprised.

"Listen Chico, think it over the next few days and let me know," said Pepe. "I could really use some family." Pepe called his aid and went back to his hotel room.

Chico left the bar then walk to the casino. Chico headed for the black jack tables.

"Place your bets!" said the attendant.

Chico placed a few chips on the table.

Chico received his cards.

"Hit me! " said Chico.

"Hit me again!" Chico said.

"Damn! I went over! " Chico was disappointed.

Coming from behind was Ed.

"Hi Chico," said Ed.

"Hi Ed," Chico said, depressed.

"Care if I join you? " Ed said.

"Sure, Ed." Chico pulled over a seat for Ed.

Ed gave Chico a cigar.

"Care for a smoke?" Ed said as he lit it up.

"Sure, Ed." Chico leaned over to Ed to light up his cigar.

"Hey Louie, nice to see you. Come sit over here." Ed motioned to Louie and passed him a cigar.

"You guys looked pretty funky in those Elvis suits," said Chico.

"Why thanks Chico! I kept mine for a souvenir," Louie said.

"Come on, come on. Gimme a good card," Ed said.

"Outta sight!" said Louie as he received his cards.

"Looking Good!" Chico said.

"Hey! Hey! " Said Louie as he won the draw. "It's about time something good happen to us folk!" Louie said with a big smile.

They waited patiently for the next hand.

Ed tapped the table.

Chico kissed his Sister Quadulpe pendant, then he kissed his St. Christopher.

"Oh that's right St. Christopher got laid off. I'll save him for later." Then

Chico kissed his Silver Star, then his Star of David. " Hey, you know. You can never be too sure!"

The cards were dealt.

Chico picked one up.

An Ace!

"Wow," thought Chico.

Louie received his cards. "Geesh, this isn't gonna be good," Louie said as he shook his head back and forth.

Ed looked at his. "Hmm . . . a possibility."

Then they received their next cards.

Chico lifted his card very slowly looking at the corner. His heart pounded.

"Holy Mother of God!" Chico whispered.

"Am I dreaming?" He lifted the card over. It was a 10.

Chico, with his eyes wide open, couldn't believe what he saw.

"I won! Thank you Quadlupe! " Chico said as he raised his drink in the air.

"How would you like your winnings sir?" asked the attendant.

"Hey, just gimme them in big bags sweet heart!" Chico said.

"This will help Pepe a great deal!" Chico thought.

"Can I have this made to Pepe Fernando?" Chico said.

"Yes, sir. Right this way," said the attendant.

The attendant escorted Chico to the cashier and had the check issued to Pepe.

"Could someone please deliver this check to Pepe Fernando's room. Please keep this a secret," said Chico.

"Sure thing Mr. Rodriguez," said the cashier.