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Ed Brown's Garage
Road Trippin' 2 - That's Vegas Babee! Chapters 4-6


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Chapter 4

Reverend Bemis left his room as he was heading to the chapel. Reverend Bemis couldn't understand what Frank Sinatra wanted with him. Reverend Bemis had grown a liking to Franks career but as a partner he didn't understand.

Reverend Bemis knelt down on the pew kneeler as he heard someone sit down next to him. Reverend Bemis turned to look who it was, he then jerked in shock.

"FRANK! What are you doing here?" Reverend Bemis asked.

"Paying my respects to man upstairs, Padre," Franks said quietly.

"Sorry Frank, I wasn't expecting you here."

"Why, Rev babee, Why so jumpy?" Frank asked.

"Well, since we're both here. I've had the impression that I am being followed by some creepy looking hoodlums. I mean ever since that incident in Pepe Fernandos show when Ed, Louie and myself were pushed into the spotlight to do some trapeze act, I've been kinda jittery!"

Reverend Bemis kept looking around his back for someone.

"Rev, I saw that act! That was magnificent babee!" Frank patted Reverend Bemis on his back.

"Why are you still jumpy Rev, that's over and done with?"

Frank puffed from a cigarette. "Were you scared of heights?" Frank asked.

"Are you kidding? That was exhilarating! I never felt so close with God, Frank!" Reverend Bemis lit up with happiness.

"Rev, every time I see you, your running like you're being chased by the Devil. What gives?"

"Well, it's like this, ever since that appearance, the real Flying Elvis's have been after me for taking their places that evening."

"I really enjoyed it Frank! It was so thrilling being so high in the air like that!"

"Maybe I can help you get back into the Flying Elviss again Rev?" Frank puffed on his cigarette.

"I thought if I go back and talk to them, they would understand. Frank, I want so badly to hit the casino and play but I'm afraid they'll track me down and find me. That's why when I found you and your group of guys. I thought I could fit in and not be noticed!"

Reverend Bemis nervously rubbed his hands.

"I also heard you were making a killing at the Roulette table Rev," Frank said leaning forward towards Reverend Bemis.

"I thought maybe that was why I was being followed also Frank. Since I almost broke the bank."

"How much did you win Reverend?" Franks asked.

"A lot of money Frank," Reverend Bemis smiled.

"Are we talking telephone number?" Frank asked.

"With an area code Frank!" Reverend Bemis smiled.

"Who would a thought I would find a chip on the floor and make a killing after that Frank. I wanna go back there and play some more!"

Reverend Bemis nervously stomped his feet and tapped on the top of the pew in front of him.

"Well Rev, babee, I'm going to get in touch with a few people I know and see what I can do to protect you."

"You mean it Frank?" Reverend Bemis smiled.

"Yeah, you've kept Dean, and me pretty much under control. Besides I want to see you in that trapeze act again, Rev babee. It's the least I can do."

"Hey maybe you can round up those other fellas you were with in that act. That was a real ring ding Reverend," Frank said as he puffed on his smoke.

"Thank you Frank! Thank you!" Reverend Bemis fell down to his knees on the floor and hugged Franks legs.

"Hey take it easy Rev, I have reputation you know."

Reverend Bemis got up on his knees. "Sorry Frank!"

"Reverend? Thank you!" Frank bent down and patted Reverend Bemis on his back and left the chapel.

Reverend Bemis said a prayer of thanks for he left the chapel.

"Oh, thank you Lord, for fellas like Frank!"

Reverend Bemis looked around to see if anyone was coming in.

"Now, if you could just let me win one more time I'd be forever grateful. AMEN!"

Reverend Bemis raised his hand and gave God the thumbs up then left to go to the casino.

Reverend Bemis seemed more at ease now that he talked to Frank and got it out of his chest.

"Now, where shall I begin!" Reverend Bemis picked up the pace as he rubbed his hands in eagerness to get to the Casino.

Reverend Bemis came across the blackjack tables when he stumbled into Ed talking to Liz who he hadn't known was a showgirl.

"Ed? Ed Brown what are you doing flirting with that Showgirl..."

Liz turned around facing Reverend Bemis. "Rev? It's me Liz? I'm a showgirl now!"

Liz smiled and hugged Reverend Bemis. "I'm surprised at you Liz? I imagine Chico has had his share of private showings already."

"Where is Chico anyway?" Reverend Bemis asked.

"He's with Pepe going through some material for his stand up routine," Liz smiled.

"I thought you weren't too thrilled about that Liz?" Reverend Bemis asked.

"Yeah well he wasn't too fond of me being a showgirl either. Frank Sinatra made him come around. So Chico and I made a deal. We cant complain about what each of us are doing here. Besides Frank said he'd keep an eye on me."

"Just be careful with Frank and Dean. They can be a couple of sweet talkers. Soon they'll be asking you to relocate to Vegas, Liz!" Reverend Bemis said.

"Oh Rev, I'll be ok!" Liz smiled.

"I'll keep an eye on Liz too, Reverend, so will Louie!" Ed said.

"Say Ed, I have to see you about something important. Got a minute?" Reverend Bemis said.

"Yeah Reverend Bemis what's up?" Ed said.

"That's funny that you put that way Ed....Um, how would you like to get together, you, me and Louie and do that trapeze number again?'' Reverend Bemis asked fearingly.

"You can't be serious Rev!" Ed said.

"Ah but Ed, I had so much fun flying in the air!" Reverend Bemis looked up." Ed, I never felt so close with God!"

"Well Reverend Bemis, I don't know...I thought you were paranoid up there in the air?"

"I was at first but I got a wonderful feeling as I was flying Ed." Reverend Bemis smiled.

"I didn't, I ended up having to change my pants after the act was done." Ed said.

"Please Ed, talk to Louie for me?" Reverend Bemis pleaded.

"Oh, ok Rev, we'll do it just for you!" Ed patted Reverend Bemis back.

"Thanks Ed, you wont regret it!" Reverend Bemis took off.

"Sorry about that Liz, I think I need a drink now." Ed said as he thought about flying in the air again.

"Ed, you guys don't have to worry about me, Frank said nothing will happen to me," Liz was concerned.

"Alright Liz, I trust you" Ed said.

Liz and Ed decided to go to the bar. " Here Ed, I'll give you the star treatment!" Liz grasped Eds arm they headed back to the bar.

"Ah Liz, when Louie told me that you were coming in the casino as a showgirl. I didn't want to believe it. You look stunning Liz! I'm proud to be escorted by you through the Sands Hotel and Casino!"

"Ed, I bet you say that to all the Girls here!" Liz kissed Ed on the cheek.

"When is Chico performing Liz?" Ed asked.

"I heard it is tonight and possibly tomorrow. Pepe said, if Frank and Dean hear his act, They'll have him open up for them. Please Ed, dont say anything. Its supposed to be a surprise for Chico.

"Hey, that will great if they hear his act. Chico would be thrilled to pieces."

"Well, I'm off to play some roulette!" Reverend Bemis hurried over to the Roulette table.

"Place your bets, place your bets!" said the attendant.

"I'd like to place these chips on Black 14 please!" Reverend Bemis placed a pile of chips on the table.

The attendant couldn't believe the amount of chips Reverend Bemis had placed.

"Are you sure about that sir?" said the attendant.

Reverend Bemis nodded his head yes.

The wheel began to spin.

"Black 14!" said the attendant.

"Hallelujah! Thank you Frank!"

Reverend Bemis eyes bugged out as he covered his face.

"You too God! At least let me thank you for sending Frank my way!"

Pepe and Chico were in Pepes suite working on material for Chicos stand up.

"That will work out great Chico. I'm sure you'll be a hit tonight!" Pepe said as he got his stuff together.

"You think so? I mean, what if any big shots show up tonight?" Chico said.

"Relax Chico, it will be like the last time you preformed here. Nothing too it remember?" Pepe said.

"Yeah, I guess I just am a bit anxious!" Chico said.

"Don't worry Chico, I know what your final dialogue is before I start to go on stage. It will be a gas Chico!"

"Hey Chico, do you have your change of clothes? You can come with me and get ready before you go on stage."

"Yeah cuz, their right in my hotel room. I'll go get them and meet you back stage Pepe," Chico said,

"Great, see you then."

Chico left to get ready for his opening act for Pepe.

Chico entered his room and found several baskets of flowers from well wishers for Liz.

Chico gazed at the cards with notes on them to see who they were from. "Hmm, let's see here. Some from Frank and Dean, I kinda figured that...Sammy Davis Jr., Hugh Hefner...Hugh Hefner? No way! I have to read this one."

Chico opened up the card from Hugh Hefner. "To Liz, Frank and Dean think youre a shoo in for the club. Give me a call. Hef."

Chico re-read the card as he noticed Hefs phone number to the Playboy Mansion.

"I don't believe this! I know Liz wouldn't take Hefs offer, well at least I hope not. She wouldn't like the idea of me gawking at all the women there," Chico laughed.

Chico put the card back in the envelope and got his tux for his performance.

Chico got ready to leave the room when he looked at all of Lizs flowers and well wishers.

"I hope after tonight I'll be as popular as you Liz!" Chico closed the door and headed to the backstage dressing rooms to get ready for his act.

Chapter 5

Chico was in his dressing room when he decided to go see Pepe before he performed. Chico knocked on the Pepes dressing room door.

"Pepe, it's me Chico!" Chico knocking on his door waited for Pepes answer.

"Come in Chico!" Pepe smiled as he put his suit coat on.

"I hear the Flying Elvis's are back. You suppose Ed, Louie and the Rev are in the act again Chico?" Pepe smiled.

"Really?" Chico laughed. "I haven't heard anything regarding Ed, Louie, and Reverend Bemis doing that trapeze act again Pepe?" Chico wondered.

"It was pretty funny though. That would be hilarious if they were at it again. I thought Reverend Bemis, Ed, and Louie were a scared out of their minds though," Chico laughed.

"Well Chico, theyre supposed to be on in a few minutes. You can see them from the side of the stage if you want."

"This I gotta see, Pepe! Hold on Ill be back!" Chico went to the side of the stage.

"Ok Chico, let me know how it went." Pepe said.


The back ground music play Teddy Bear as Ed, Louie, and Reverend Bemis dressed up in Elvis suits swung in the air by bungie cords.

"Woohoo!" yelled Reverend Bemis yelled as he flew through the air tossing a big Teddy Bear to Ed.

"Ouch! " Ed said as the Teddy Bear hit Ed in the stomach just as he caught it.

"Sorry Ed," Reverend Bemis yelled as he flew past him.

Louie was having the time of his life as he grinned from ear to ear along with Reverend Bemis as they did somersaults in the air.

Reverend Bemis was smiling with glee when he noticed Frank, Dean and Sammy in the audience. Reverend Bemis floated in the air as if he could fly.

"Ah to be so close to God!" Reverend Bemis smiled as he somersaulted twice in the air.

The crowd ohhhed and ahhhed as the Reverend got into the act.

Frank, Sammy and Dean nudged each other as they pointed up to the Reverend.

Reverend Bemis flew passed Frank, Dean and Sammy, giving them all the thumbs up as he flew by.

Finally the flying Elviss finished their act. Chico got himself ready to be announced.


Chico who was all dressed up in a brand new tux courtesy of Pepe. Chico walked out on stage as the crowd gave Chico a warm welcome.

"Thank you! It's great to be back! I would like to thank Pepe Fernando for giving me the opportunity to entertain you once again!"

The crowd applauded Chico and Pepe.

."...I'm not all Puerto Rican, I'm half Hungarian. Hungarian. That was a weird combination to grow up with because I could never figure out how my parents met. You know a gypsy and a Puerto Rican. I asked my mother and she said that they were on a bus trying to pick each others pocket."

The crowd laughed.

"...a lot of people think Puerto Ricans are responsible for cockroaches. I want to clear that up right now. We didn't bring em' here. When we got here they were living in the apartments we live in now. But theyre strong I'm afraid of them. They adapt to any environment. They learned how to talk in my building. They would threaten me before I went out. Chico, where you going? To the grocery store ah. Don't come back with some roach poison or we lock you out. And we can't kill roaches, we should send them to war. Theyre incredibly strong. You step on them and you hear them snap. Soon as you lift your foot, they run like hell. I think they know that we believe when we hear the snap we think there dead, right now there under our foot going Chump! And theyre gone right..."

The crowd cheered and laughed.

"...With crime people are buying dogs, guns, taking kungfu lessons. Most people buy German shepherds cause theyre great with the door bell right? aaaaaa ( makes door bell sound) ! Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff. Neighbors move right. I bought a Puerto Rican Shepherd. Very macho. (Makes doorbell sound) aaaaaaaa! Who is it? I tried to paper train him. I put newspaper in the bathroom. He'd go sit on the bowl and read em. The reason I knew he was a Puerto Rican shepherd, if I take him out on the street and he seen a poodle he'd go..... (Makes kissing sounds) bow wow honey oh yeah! Looking good!"

Chico continued his act as the crowd enjoyed his stand up. Chico gazed through the audience as he spotted Frank, Dean and Sammy sitting with Liz.

"Yeah, New York was serious. You couldn't own a yellow car. I had yellow Plymouth once. I stopped for a red light, a guy jumped in. 84th Street and Broadway baby. Whatcha mean you aint a cab sucka? Then don't be stoppin at a traffic light then!"

Chico finished his act.

"Thank you and good night! " Chico raised his hand to the audience and waved good bye as he blew a kiss with his other hand.

The audience cheered and whistled as they stood up appreciating Chicos comedy act.

Chico bowed gracefully and left the stage.

"Chico! I never heard such laughter come from the audience like that! You were great!" Pepe hugged Chico.

Chico was in a state of euphoria as the crowd continued their applause.

"Chico go out there again and thank the audience!" Pepe said in Chicos ear through the crowd.

Chico ran out to the stage gleaming with joy as he bowed again to the cheering crowd.

Chico ran back to the side of the stage. "Pepe, I can't believe it! They loved me out there!" Chico hugged Pepe again. "Thank you Pepe! "

Pepe embraced Chico then waited for his cue.


Pepe was escorted out and got himself positioned to perform. Before he started to sing he wanted to say something.

"Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for giving my cousin Chico a warm welcome here tonight!" Pepe started his set with "Light My Fire."

The crowd went wild as Pepe Fernando began to sing "Light My Fire."

Chico stood back stage and watched Pepe perform his set of songs when Chico got approached from behind.

"You were great kid!" Pepes manager said.

"You really think so?" Chico said.

"You are a natural kid, in fact I got a message from Frank, Dean, and Sammy that they want to talk to you about appearing with them on their show tomorrow night."

"Youre kidding right? Frank, Sammy and Dean want me to do a gig with them?" Chico smiling was in shock about the news of tomorrow night.

Chico sat on a equipment box daydreaming about his comedy act. Chico imagined himself hanging out with Frank, Sammy, and Dean just as Liz was doing.

"Imagine me, performing with Frank, Dean, and Sammy"! Chico left the backstage area that lead to back door to the casino.

Chico spotted Louie and Ed.

"Ed! Louie!" Chico ran up to them to catch as they were leaving.

"Hey Chico, that was quite a performance! I never laughed so hard in my life," Louie smiled.

"Yeah Chico, you were a riot. Everyone was laughing hysterically," Ed smiled.

"Have you seen Liz?" Chico looked around the crowds.

"Yeah we seen her leave with them if that's what you mean Chico?" Louie asked.

"Well, I just got a message from Pepes manager that Frank wants me to perform with them tomorrow night!" Chico smiled still couldn't believe it.

"Hey! Thats great Chico. I'm sure Liz will be thrilled!"

Chico headed to the bar where Liz met Frank and Dean hoping they might be there.

As Chico made his way to the bar passersby spotted Chico pointing at him as they remarked about his performance.

Two girls went up to Chico.

"Hey!" A girl nudged his arm. "Can I have your autograph?!" the girls pleaded.

"Sure!" Chico gratefully signed there programs of the his performance.

"Youre related to Pepe Fernando?" one of the girls asked.

"Yes ma'am!" Chico smiled as he continued to sign autographs.

"I think he's great. Youre pretty cute yourself Chico!" another girl said.

"Thank you!" Chico had a big grin on his face as he got his picture taken with the two girls.

Chico finished signing their autographs then headed back to the bar where he thought Liz might be.

Chico went passed the Lobby just when he was motioned by Sammy Davis Jr. who was on his way to the bar also.

"Say Chico, that was some act you performed. You got talent! I understand you will be performing with Frank, Dean, and myself tomorrow night."

"Yeah, it's going to be exciting. Exciting for me at least," Chico smiled.

"Yeah, believe me Chico, Frank, Dean, and I are looking forward to work with you. We should get together and work on our number that all of us are dong together."

"Number? " Chico said.

"Yeah, after each of us are finished with our own sets. We all get together and do a singing number together. Something fun, zany, a little shtick if you know what I mean."

"That will be some gig Sammy. I mean being onstage with all of you guys."

"We are all doing the song called the Birth of the blues. Its a catchy little number. We all have a small part to sing. I have the ideal part in the song that will work with your vocal range Chico."

"Thank you, thank you very much Sammy!" Chico grinned.

"I see you got yourself a following, Chico. How many girls have you signed autographs already?" Sammy asked.

Chico looked up and thought it over.

"Too many to count I see. That a boy, Chico!" Sammy smiled patting him on his back.

As Sammy continued to talk to Chico another group of girls came around the corner.

"There he is! Chico! Chico!" The girls jumped up and down with excitement shouted as they started to hurry over.

"Uh oh Chico. Looks like you've made the big time," Sammy whispered.

"I don't know about you, but either those girls are hurrying over here real fast to see you, or there's a riot going on."

"There not hurrying over to see me?" Chico said as he pointed to himself.

"Well then you must be the cause of the riot then Chico." Sammy pointed to the girls heading their way.

Chico turned around as her heard his name being called.

"Well, Sammy it was nice chatting with you" Chico said while he began to walk away picking up his pace.

"Well Chico I'm going to find your beautiful wife Liz. Hopefully I'll get my turn to be escorted by her through out the Casio. Oh by the way. Run for your life Chico, your fans? Theyre heading your way!"

Sammy smiled and ducked to a corner as the girls were getting closer to Chico.

"Chico, Chico, Chico!" The girls were catching up to Chico as he began to start running.

Chico ran around the corner as the group of girls split up without him knowing. A few minutes later a group of girls were running towards him. Chico stopped on his tracks then heard the group of girls behind him.

"Cheese and Crackers!" Chico stopped as he was leaning against the wall.

Girls everywhere came up to Chico asking for autographs, tugging on his clothes, yanking at his hair.

"Chico, I love you! Can I have your autograph?" The girls shouted as they tried desperately to reach him.

Girls were suffocating Chico as they made attempts to touch him, hug him, kiss him, and grab any article of clothing they could hold on to.

"Ahh!" Chico laughed as he got poked in the stomach.

A sea of girls hands and faces buried Chico as he was pushed against the wall.

Sliding down against the wall Chico felt the lips of many girls kiss him all over his face and head.

One girl gave him her phone number written in a pair of underwear and stuffed it in his coat pocket.

Chico still pinned on the ground tried to sign autographs till security guards finally showed up to break up the crowd of girls.

"Hey!" the security guard yelled as he tried to break up the crowd getting a hold of Chico and pulling him away.

"You ok?" asked security.

"Yeah, I'm ok, My shirt is all ripped but I'll be fine thanks," Chico said.

The security guard broke up the group of girls and led them away from Chico.

The other security guard helped Chico up off the ground.

Chico got himself together and left for his room with a security guard.

Heading towards his hotel room Chico found Liz heading to there room coming from the other side of the hallway.

"What happened to you, Chico?" Liz looked at Chicos face as she held it.

"I was chased by a group of girls wanting my autograph Liz," Chico smiled.

"Really? I hear you were quite a hit on stage Chico. I'm so happy for you! " Liz said as she hugged Chico.

"I see you've had your share of women, Chico," Liz kidded with Chico as she noticed the lip stick stains on his shirt collar and face.

"Yeah, well I guess it comes with the territory Liz." Chico laughed as he wiped the lipstick marks off his cheek.

"Just remember Chico. I'm your number one fan," Liz smiled.

"You should be ok now Mr. Rodriguez. Just be careful now that you've become quite a teen idol already."

Chico smiled. "Sonamagun!"

Chico opened the door finding the room buried with flowers. "I don't believe this Liz! You have so many flowers." Chico stunned and a bit jealous looked around the room.

Liz walked up towards the flowers smelled them as she glanced at the cards.

"Hey Chico more than half of these are for you!"

"What? No way mama." Chico couldn't believe it.

"Youre kidding right? I gotta see this." Chico eagerly got a closer look at the cards.

"Hello!" Chico smiled as he read the cards addressed to him.

Chico was in awe at all the cards. Some were from girls, celebrities, and hotel management.

"Chico, this is so exciting! Who would of thought all this would happen!"

Liz sat down on the couch looking at all the flowers they have received.

"Here we were coming to Vegas to hunt down Reverend Bemis and we end up rubbing elbows with Frank, Sammy, and Dean!"

"Yeah Liz, I never dreamed it would of come this far," Chico said.

"I realized the last time when we were here and I had the opportunity to perform yet you didn't want to be away from me or anyone else back home. Now, we both are doing well here in Vegas but..."

Chico sat on the bed thinking about their future.

"But what Chico?" Liz put his arm around him as she sat next to him.

"What if this isn't the life that I have always dreamed about?" Chico concerned looked into Lizs eyes.

"Are you having second thoughts, Chico?" Liz asked.

"Well Liz, I remember when we were the last time. Pepe called me on the phone and asked me to hang with him. He mentioned to me that he was lonely and needed family."

"What if we take up any offers we receive to stay here? I don't want to be a burden to Ed. Especially after all he's done for me."

Chico was feeling restless.

"I wouldn't worry about that till that were to happen, Chico," Liz said.

"We are experiencing the thrill of a life time. A dream come true, Chico. Let's live the dream and then go on with our lives when we return home." Liz hugged Chico.

"Don't worry Chico, you will do a great job when you perform with Frank, Sammy and Dean."

"You think so Liz? I just hope I don't disappoint them." Chico kissed Liz.

"Well, I'm glad Reverend Bemis had a good show. He seemed to be enjoying himself up there in the air Liz." Chico hugged Liz.

"Chico, I have never seen the audience so much into the acts like they were when you preformed. Frank, Sammy, and Dean, really enjoyed the show!"

"Do you think I have any good taste Liz?" Chico plopped on the bed as he thought about his comedy act.

"I don't know. Let me taste you Chico!" Liz crawled on the bed as she winked at Chico. She lay her head on Chicos shoulder.

Liz hugged Chico and as they embraced Chico was feeling a sense of security.

"Liz, mi amore!" Chico caressed Liz as he began to kiss her to share their moment.

Chico and Liz began to arouse each other when there was a knock on their door.

"Grrrr! Who could that be?" Chicos head was resting on Lizs shoulder as he got up to see who was at the door.

Chico opened the door. "REV! Come on in!" Chico hugged Reverend Bemis.

"Hello Chico, hello Liz!" Reverend Bemis said as he sat down on the chair.

"You were great Reverend Bemis!" Liz smiled.

"Thanks Liz. Ah Chico, Liz I want to talk to you about something if I may," Reverend Bemis asked.

"What is it Reverend Bemis?" Liz asked.

"I've been thinking of leaving the church and live the life of a Flying Elvis!" Reverend Bemis said with excitement.

"Rev, you can't be serious! Think of all of your parishioners at the church back home," Chico said.

"Yes Chico, but I was so close with God, I didn't want it to stop!" Reverend Bemis twirled around looking up.

"Please Rev. Please think about this before you resign from the church. Spend some time in the chapel think about what you might miss if you leave the church Reverend Bemis."

Chico pleaded with Reverend Bemis.

"I don't know Chico, I feel I've let God down already with my gambling," Reverend Bemis said shamefully.

"How about the both of us get together with God in the chapel and talk it over Rev. I could use sometime with God with some situations I'm having right now," Chico said.

"Really Chico? Well I guess it wouldn't hurt." Reverend Bemis and Chico were getting ready to leave when Chico cornered Liz. "Hold it Rev, I'll be right there."

Chico asked Liz to get in touch with Frank concerning Reverend Bemiss decision.

"Ok Rev let's make a visit to the chapel.

As Reverend Bemis and Chico headed over to the chapel, Liz tried to get a hold of Frank Sinatra.

"Yes operator. Please page Mr. Frank Sinatra. It's an emergency. This is Liz Garcia- Rodriguez."

Liz patiently paced the floor till Frank answered the phone. "Come on, come Frank answer the phone..."

"Frank speaking."


"Liz babee! Where you been hiding sweet cakes!" Frank used his charm on Liz.

"Frank, Chico and I have a problem with Reverend Bemis."

"What is the problem Liz?" Frank asked.

"Reverend Bemis came by our room this morning told us he was leaving the church to be a member of the Flying Elviss!" Liz paced the floor.

"That's not good Liz! Is the Reverend still with you two?" Frank asked.

"No Frank, Chico talked him into thinking it over and going to the chapel with him to be alone with God. Chico said he had something to deal with God too. They should be at the chapel by now Frank," Liz said.

"Frank, Reverend Bemis doesn't realize who much of an important person he is to our community at home," Liz pleaded.

"Liz, babee, let me handle it." Frank said.

"Thanks Frank," Liz said.

"Youre welcome sweet cakes!" Frank hung up the phone.

Chico and Reverend Bemis arrived at the chapel.

Chico and Reverend Bemis sat down on the pew. Chico pulled out the pew kneeler and knelt down to pray. Reverend Bemis followed Chico.

Chico silently prayed " ...Help me get through the new avenues that I am experiencing God. I don't want to let anyone down..."

Reverend Bemis had his eyes tightly closed.

"What do want me to do God!" Reverend Bemis struggling with his decision raised his hands to the air in a plea with God.

Silently Reverend Bemis heard the scuffle of shoes as someone sat down on the pew behind him.

A cloud of smoke appeared creeping towards Reverend Bemis.

Reverend Bemis turned around to look.

"Frank!" Reverend Bemis nervously shouted.

Chico turned around. He couldn't believe his eyes. "Frank Sinatra?!"

"Liz called me concerning your decisions, Padre. Why are you thinking of leaving the church?"

"Frank, I so much enjoyed being close with God in the air as a Flying Elvis. It was exhilarating Frank!" Reverend Bemis was so excited.

"Reverend... Excuse me Mr. Sinatra. You're always close to God with your sermons. Liz and I enjoy them tremendously," Chico said.

"Chico, is right. I've enjoyed our little chats even though I may not appear like I do Padre," Frank said as he puffed on a cigarette.

Dean Martin walked in the chapel.

"Well. I finally found you two!" Dean sat down on the pew in front of them and leaned his arm over the pew.

Reverend Bemis looked at Dean wondering why he was here.

"I was at the bar waiting for Frank and Chico, Reverend Bemis." Dean lit up a smoke.

"I've been waiting so long I almost went on the wagon!" Dean rubbed his head.

"We can't let that happen now Padre!" Frank said.

"Ok, ok fellas, let me think it over..." Reverend Bemis said.

"I think you've already thought it over Rev," Frank said.

"Yes Frank youre right. The life of a Flying Elvis was wonderful but the church is more in my blood," Reverend Bemis stood up and proudly proclaimed.

"Does that mean you wont be performing the night Chico performs with Sammy, Dean, and myself?" Frank wondered.

"Oh, I most certainly will do the act the night Chico is performing with you Frank," Reverend Bemis said.

"After that I hang up my jumpsuit for good!"

"Ah let us sing a song of praise to this glorious event!"

Reverend Bemis stood up and lead them into a song."Un-to our God and Savior. Be glo-ry and Maj-es-ty. pow'r and do-min-ion; Both now and for-ev-er, Both now and for-ev-er. Be glo-ry and maj-es-ty with -out end. Now and ev-er more, now and ev-er-more. A-men! ..."

"One more chorus and we'll get out because I left my drink at the bar," Dean nudged Reverend Bemis.

"Ok, ok Dean!" Reverend Bemis said.

"Ah that was beautiful, children. One more time then we'll depart.""Un-to our God and Savior. Be glo-ry and Maj-es-ty. pow'r and do-min-ion; Both now

and for-ev-er, Both now and for-ev-er. Be glo-ry and maj-es-ty with-out end. Now

and ev-er more, now and ev-er-more. A-men! ...""Would you like to get together with Frank and I after we leave the chapel Chico?" Dean asked.

"Sure he would Deano," Frank, smiling, gave Chico a bear hug.

"Great, we can meet at the bar and have a drink or two," Dean said.

"I don't drink Dean," Chico said.

Dean put his arm around Chico. "I feel sorry for those who don't drink. Because in the morning that's as good as youre gonna feel all day."

"Are you sure you guys don't want to sing anymore songs Frank, Dean?" Reverend Bemis asked.

"I'd like to sing more for you Rev, but I'm lucky I can remember these." Dean got out of his seat and motioned Chico to follow him.

"Chico, let's meet frank at the bar. Sammy is coming very shortly," Dean said.

"So, Chico, what do you do when youre not making people laugh?" Dean said as they made their way to the bar.

"Im a mechanic," Chico said.

"A mechanic? Why all that can change if you want, Chico," Dean said.

"What do you mean Dean?" Chico asked curiously.

"You can make it big here, Chico! With the right management and a few strings pulled from Frank and myself. You can go places here, Chico." Dean smiled.

"Youre telling me I can perform Vegas regularly Dean?" Chico was shocked and amazed.

"It's possible Chico, we'll see how things go after you perform with all of us tonight!"

"It'll be a smash!" Dean said.

Chapter 6

Chico met with Sammy for the rehearsal.

"Hey Chico glad you could make it so early!" Sammy said as he lit up a smoke.

"Are you kidding? I still can't believe you invited me to perform with you guys!"

Chico checking out the bands was in awe.

Frank and Dean arrived. "Hello Sammy! Chico glad you could make it!" Dean and Frank shook Chicos and Sammys hands.

"Chico I trust you got the music to our song we're singing?" Frank smiled.

"Yes Frank, Sammy and I went through the song earlier."

Everyone got their places and started to practice.

"Ok Chico you start!" Frank said as he motioned Chico to the mike.

"They heard the breeze in the trees singing weird, weird melodies..." Chico sang as he swayed to the band behind him.

"HOLD IT, HOLD IT!!" Frank smacked Chico on his cheek. "Chico, you got a beat like a cop!"

Dean cringed as he pointed upward to Chico. "Hey Chico, there's a gangster sleeping up stairs."

Dean continued to point to the ceiling. "As long as you don't wake him up, youre fine fella."

Chico feared what Dean said then bent over laughing hysterically.

Sammy leaned over to Chico. "We Puerto Ricans need to stick together. Follow my lead."

"Here Chico relax babee!" Frank bobbed his head and snapped his fingers as the band started the number again.

Dean leaned over to Chico. "Let's hurry up I left my drink at the bar!"

Later in the rehearsal the guys called it a day.

"That was swell Chico. Youre gonna knock them dead tonight! " Dean said.

"Chico, you thought you had a following of girls the other day? Wait till after this performance. You'll have girls trying to break down your door!" Sammy patted him on his arm.

Chico stood there smiling as he imagined the fantasy of girls swooning over him as he sang.

"Dont forget Chico, youre married to Liz," Dean smiled as he sipped his drink and walked passed Chico.

"Liz? LIZ!" Chico shook the fantasy out of his head. "Thanks Dean!"

"Well Ill see you guys later tonight!" Chico waved as he made his way out of the stage.

Chico met Ed and Louie at the casino. " Hey, Louie!"

"Hey Chico are you all set for your big performance tonight?" Louie asked.

"Yeah Louie! It should be fun. We rehearsed a singing number we're doing together." Chico said as he received his cards.

"Your singing with the Candy man?!" Louie shouted and smiled big.

'Yeah, Louie, along with Frank and Dean too!" Chico grinned and looked at his cards.

Reverend Bemis came up from behind them.

"Hello gentleman!" Reverend Bemis said.

"Hello Rev," Chico pulled out a seat for him.

"Thanks Chico. I feel lucky tonight!" Reverend Bemis smiled and rubbed his hands together.

"Oh that's just great Reverend Bemis! Now I know for sure Im not going to win," Ed said.

"Well I can't stay too long, I have to get ready for my act tonight," Reverend Bemis smiled looking upwards.

"I hope youll do well tonight with the original Flying Elviss, Reverend," Louise said.

"Yeah me too Louie" Reverend Bemis looked at his cards. "Frank Sinatra said he was going to talk to them. So I could do this one more time. You now Chico, just to get it out of my system."

Ed left the table.

Reverend Bemis waved his hands.

"And here all this time we thought you had the gambling bug, Rev," Chico asked.

"I won! Hallelujah!" Reverend Bemis stood and shouted.

Louie, frustrated, threw his cards on the table. "Well I'll be doggone!" Louie shook his head in disbelief.

"Rev, you better get outta here before Ed finds out you broke the bank again!" Chico said.

"Where is Ed any way?" Reverend Bemis asked.

"I think he's at the bar. You know, getting his hourly shot of Bourbon," Chico said,

"Well gentleman I better get going. I have to limber up so I'll be ready to perform tonight," Reverend Bemis said.

"Yeah, I better get going, too." Chico got up from his seat just as Ed arrived.

"Hello Louie, Reverend, Chico."

"Hi Ed, bye Ed!" Chico and Reverend Bemis left.

"They have to get ready to perform tonight, Ed," Louie said as he looked at his cards. Ed watched them leave.

"I understand it's going to be a big show tonight," Ed said.

"Yeah this is Pepes last show tonight also. Reverend Bemis will be performing. Chico is doing a singing number with Frank, Sammy and Dean."

"Well that will be exciting. Liz will enjoy seeing that with us," Ed smiled.

"Yeah Ed, I'm glad Chico and Liz are excepting each others opportunities here in Vegas. Do you think they'll be coming back with us?" Louie asked.

"I don't know Louie, I just don't know," Ed wondered.

Chico arrived to his hotel room to pick up his tux. Chico smelled the room as he witnessed the enormous amount of flowers that Liz and Chico had received. Each bouquet filled the room with a fragrance he and Liz enjoyed.

"Well Liz, this is it! This is make it or break it night for me. I hope youll enjoy it as well as I will when you watch it with Ed and Louie."

Chico looked in the mirror as he buttoned his shirt glanced at his watch wondered where Liz was.

"Hmm, Liz hurry up." Chico continued to wait for Liz. " Well hopefully I'll see her before my performance." Chico glanced at his watch again hoping to catch her one last time before he had to leave to the theater.

Chico grabbed his keys and hurried over to the theater where he was to perform.

Reverend Bemis was in his dressing room changing into his outfit when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Reverend Bemis said.

Frank, Dean and Sammy walked in. "Rev, babee, we just wanted to say how much we've enjoyed your act!" Sammy said.

"Well comin from all you guys I appreciate that. I just hope the real Flying Elviss do," Reverend Bemis said.

"Don't worry Rev, you'll be fine." Sammy patted Reverend Bemis on the back.

"See you later, Rev, babee!" Frank, Dean, and Sammy left his dressing room.

Chico arrived at his dressing room to get prepared for his own act and singing number.

"Pepe!" Chico smiled." This is quite a surprise!" Chico found Pepe sitting on the sofa.

Pepe rose up from the sofa.

"Well Chico, I just wanted to wish you good luck tonight. I hear Frank, Dean, and Sammy have taken quite a shine to you."

"Well Pepe, if it wasn't for you giving me the opportunity I would of never been in this position!" Chico hugged Pepe.

"Hey, Chico, I believe in a few minutes the Flying Elviss are about to perform. I can hear the shuffle of the performers already. I remember these guys. They were pretty good. I although I thought the group including Louie and Ed were much more funnier."

"Yeah, Ed and Louie, Reverend Bemis had no idea what they were getting into when they first stepped on that stage," Chico said.

"Let's head on out and you can watch there act Chico. I'm on right after them," Chico escorted Pepe to the side of the stage.

"Hey Rev! " Chico yelled up to him while the band played Good Luck Charm.

Reverend Bemis spotted Chico and saluted him as he prepared for his cue. Suddenly Reverend Bemis dove into the air swaying back and forth.

"HALLELUJAH!" Reverend Bemis yelled as he flew through the air catching the teddy bear that was tossed to him.

Reverend Bemis flipped through the air with excitement. The Flying Elviss swung around in loops and they flashed their shiny jumpsuits that were lighted up.

The crowd owwed and awwed over the acrobatics that Reverend Bemis performed. As the performance drew to a close Reverend Bemis swung back and forth through out the crowd. With a tear in his eye Reverend Bemis waved goodbye to the crowd and bowed gracefully to the audience.

Chico ran out on stage and thanked everyone for their generous applause. "Thank you so much!"

Chico did his stand up as the crowd roared with laughter.

A half an hour later the spotlight went on the side of the stage. The audience applauded Sammy Davis Jr. who had the spotlight on him at the side of the stage.

"Chico, you wanna lock up when youre through?" Sammy puffed on a smoke.

The audience applauded.

"I was only killing time till you got your Barbie suit on!" Chico said to Sammy and looked toward his eye level.

"Sammy come here." Chico motioned him to come by him.

"Tell everyone in the audience where you get your clothes." Chico put his arm around him.

"Toys are us!" Sammy gave a laughing smirk to him and the audience.

Dean and Frank walked out on stage next to Sammy and Chico.

"Well fellas how about we do that number we rehearsed this morning?" Frank said as put his arm around Dean and Chico. Sammy leaned into the huddle.

Liz coming from behind walked on stage with a more revealing outfit.

"Gee Frank that sounds swell!" Dean said as he sipped his drink looking at Liz.

"Send me the pillow that you dream on. So darlin, I can dream on it too," Dean crooned as he swooned to Liz. Liz, smiling, swayed in front of Dean.

Liz rested her hand on Deans cheek. Dean responded by standing behind her as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Deano that was great, but that wasn't what we rehearsed together," Sammy said.

"It wasnt? Ah nuts!" Dean smiled and laughed nervously at the audience. "Well thank you very much!" Dean bowed to the audience.

"What was that song anyways." Dean walked over to Frank and slipped on the floor

"Safe, am I safe?" Dean yelled as he leaned up looking at Chico. Chico made the hand gestures indicating that Dean was safe.

"You mean you forgot already?" Frank asked.

"Gee Frank, I think my life just passed before my eyes," Dean held his hand over his head.

"Let me know when it does. I love a parade!" Frank yelled over.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I'd like to do more for you now, but I'm lucky I can remember these." Dean rubbed his forehead as he got up from the floor.

Liz walked near the back of stage removing a cover she wore over her top revealing less of her outfit, and more of her.

Chico and Dean looked her over. "Say doll, that's some outfit!" Dean said

Liz seductively walked in front of Dean, Frank and Sammy winking at each one of them.

Frank extended his arm to Liz. Liz gratefully held his arm as Frank walked around the stage singing."Well this is my first affair, so please be kind."

"You wish Frank!" Sammy yelled as Frank continued his stroll through out the stage."Handle my heart with care, please be kind.

This is all so grand, my dreams are on parade

If you'll just my hand, they'll never, ever fade.

So tell me your loves sincere, oh, please be kind

Tell me you needn't fear, oh please be kind.

'Cause if you leave me dear, I know my heart will lose its mind

If you love me...Please be kind.

This is my first affair, so please be kind.

Handle my heart with care oh, please be kind.

So tell me your loves sincere, yes please be kind

Tell me I needn't fear, please be kind

'Cause if you leave me dear, I know my heart will lose it's mind.

If you love me babee please be kind.Chico did a double take. "Oh please tell this isn't happening!" Chico thought.

"Liz!" Chico thought. "Ok, Chico just relax! Hopefully that will be it and nothing more!"

Dean moved the microphone and whacked himself in the eye.

"OW!" Dean covered his eye and walked away.

"What are you drinking tonight Dean?" Sammy asked.

"Whisky and water Sammy. Why?" Dean asked.

"I just want to know how much of that is water?" Sammy leaned over and looked into his glass.

Dean put his thumb and index finger together, "Oh, about that much!"

Suddenly the band began to play their number.

Sammy stepped forward. Liz followed Sammy arm and arm walking ever so seductively."These are the blues.... Nothing but blues."

"Oh they say some people long ago were searching for a different tune. One that they could croon as long as they can."Dean walked up to Sammy and put his arm around him.

Dean began to sing. Chico looked on as Liz walked over to Dean teasing him with her feathered headpiece."They only had one rhythm, so they started swaying to and fro'. They didn't know just what to use. This is how the blues really began."

Chico walked up and stood next to Dean. Liz shook her behind to Chico teasing him and the crowd.

Chico sang next to Liz. "They heard the breeze in the trees singing weird melodies"

Frank walked up to Liz and Chico. "And they named that... The start of the blues."

"Here's another thing Frank," Chico said, as he was about to continue."And from a jail, there came a wail, up and down that harded frail" Dean leaned over and crooned.

"Oh so she was a frantic chic!" Frank nudged Dean as he pointed to Liz.

"Was she?" Chico asked leaning into there conversation.

"And they played that...They play that as part of the blues." Dean looked into the audience.

Chico walked up to Frank and leaned on him. "From a whipple will way up on a hill. They took a new note. They pushed it through a horn till it was born, into a blue note." Chico crooned.

The audience cheered as Chico sang his solo.

Chico, Dean, Frank and Sammy all gathered around together.

"And then they nursed it... They rehearsed it, and they sent out that news... That the SouthLand gave birth to the blues"

Dean circled around them and stopped over at Sammy as they all continued to sing. "Yeah they nursed it, they rehearsed it and they sent out that news."

Frank stepped forward put his arm around Liz. "That the Southland, they gave birth to the blues!"

After the song was done they all bowed to the audience. The crowd cheered and stood up in appreciation.

The crowd continued their applause for Sammy, Frank and Dean as each entertainer bowed before the audience.

Chico bowed towards the audience. Flowers and underwear were tossed on stage as girls screamed Chicos name. Chico picked up the flowers.

"Thank you, thank you very much," Chico smiled as he waved to the audience.

Dean walked up towards Chico and picked up the underwear. As Dean leaned over to Chico he placed them in front of his slacks. "Ah Chico," Dean nudged him. "Do you think these will fit?"

Frank leaned over to look. " I don't know Dean, somehow that color doesn't suit you."

The audience continued to applaud them as they made their way out of the stage.

"That was terrific, Chico!" Reverend Bemis patted Chicos shoulder.

"Rev, I never had so much fun in my entire life!" Chico smiled.

Frank, Dean, Sammy came across Chico and Reverend Bemis. "C'mon Rev, Chico. We're all going to the bar!"

Liz approached Chico. "Chico!"

Chico turned around hugged her. "Liz, how could you go out there in that outfit?" Chico was concerned.

"Sorry Chico, I just had a rush when I was out there. I was told it was adjustable so I took the chance and showed it off." Liz hugged Chico.

"I was surprise there was anything else left in that outfit that could come off. That would be considered offensive Liz," Chico questioned.

"Chico this is Vegas! Anything is possible," Liz smiled.

"Liz, if you want to romp around like that. Do it only in front of ME only Ok?" Chico asked.

"Alright Chico, just for you!" Liz winked.

"Besides you got Dean all hot and bothered when you danced in front of him."

"Is that why he fell down on stage Chico?" Liz and Chico laughed.

"Possibly Liz!" Chico and Liz headed towards the bar.

Chico and Liz hung out at the bar. Ed wandered in.

"Hey you too that was quite a performance!" Ed smiled waved the bartender over.

"You know Liz and Chico, as much as I would love to stick around here more. I think we should be heading back soon." Ed drank his shot.

"You lost all your money you took with you already didn't you?" Chico asked.

"Is it that obvious?" Ed sighed.

" Well that's what happens when your glued to the tables day in and day out Ed" Chico clanked his glass.

"Yeah, I just don't know how that Reverend Bemis does it?"

"You know Ed as much as I enjoyed entertaining everyone I just can't leave behind what youve done for me all these years," Chico leaned against the bar.

"Leave behind? Were you thinking of quitting your job at the garage, Chico?" Ed asked.

"Well, I was offered an opportunity to continue with the act with Dean, Frank and Sammy, Ed."

"I mean it was fun for a while. But it's also very grueling, the fans hounding you, I hardly ever got to see Liz as much as I liked when I was here." Chico embraced Liz.

"Liz I came here to Vegas hoping to win big and I did when I married you!" Chico kissed her.

"Life as a headliner wasnt as good a trip as I had hoped." Chico sipped his drink.

Dean, Frank and Sammy wandered into the bar, as well as Louie and Reverend Bemis. Louie pointed to Ed who was in front of them.

"Chico, Liz! You two were dynamite tonight!" Dean said as he waved the bartender over.

Frank lit up a smoke as well as did Sammy.

"Thanks fellas for the generous opportunity to be apart of your act." Chico shook hands with them.

"I must inform you though, our lives as a Vegas act must come to a close though," Chico said fearing what Frank would say.

"Ah, Chico, Liz, you leaving the business already?" Frank said,

"Youre breaking my heart, Liz!" Dean said as he rubbed his eyes.

"Now, who am I going to have escort me around this hotel if you leave?" Frank said.

"I'll do it! I'll do it!" Louie grinned.

"Louie!" Ed said.

"Sorry Louie, you aint got the figure for it!" Sammy said.

"Well I guess all good things must come to an end. Why did you have to end it so soon Liz?" Dean leaned his head on the bar table.

"Oh Dean, I have to get back to reality. As much as Ive dreamt of being a showgirl, my main goal in life is to be a dental hygienist," Liz smiled.

"Ah Liz, honey. I understand. I'm just disappointed that it has to end so soon," Sammy said.

"Liz, let me know who your dentist is I want to make an appointment." Dean smiled.

"I want to introduce the man who has helped me get on my feet," Chico went to Ed and introduced him.

"Ed, youre a lucky man," Frank said as he shook hands with him.

"It's never a dull moment working with Chico," Ed smiled.

Chico shook hands with Frank, Sammy and Dean.

"Thank you so much for our second honeymoon Frank." Chico shook hands with Dean and Sammy

"When you think about all that has happened to Liz and I. We really realized how much we meant to each other besides living the ultimate fantasy."

"Why thank you, thank you very much Chico, Liz." Dean winked. Frank smacked Dean on the arm.

"Here Sammy. Let's take one last stroll through the hotel." Liz took Sammys arm and Chico took the other and they made their way throughout the hotel.

Chico smiled as he walked about the hotel along with Liz and Sammy as Frank and Dean followed them. Frank poked Sammy on his shoulder, wanting Liz. "Oh no you don't Frank. I have her till she turns in for the evening!"

"That's swell, just swell Sammy!" Frank and Dean staggered out of the bar.

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