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Ed Brown's Garage
Road Trippin' 2- That's Vegas Babee! chapters 1-3


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Road Trippin' 2- That's Vegas Babee!

by Suzanne Magoon

Chapter 1

Louie pulled into the church parish driveway.

"Ah, home at last my children." Reverend Bemis and Louie got out of the car. Louie opened the trunk of Rosebud. Reverend Bemis leaned in the window near Chico and Liz.

"Chico, Liz you two have a wonderful life together! It was a pleasure performing your ceremony!"

"Ah Rev, we are so happy you were apart of our wedding."

Chico smiled and shook Reverend Bemis hand. Liz reached over and hugged Reverend Bemis.

Louie pulled out of the parking lot heading over to the garage.

"Well Chico, Mrs. Rodriguez! " Louie smiled with a big grin.

"I had a wonderful time and I know in my heart ole Rosebud enjoyed her trip also." Louie began to cry as he wiped his eyes.

"Now the hard part is, I have to put her out to pasture." Louie covered his eyes and bawled like a baby.

"Ah Louie, just think of the good times you've had her in Vegas!" Ed patted Louies back.

"I know Ed, say, Chico how about I let you have Rosebud, You can see what use you can make out of her."

Louie couldn't bear the thought of parting with Rosebud.

"With you under her care I know at least shell go peacefully," Ed said to Chico.

"Youre not gonna strip her and sell her for parts are you Chico?!" Louie shook his head.

"See what you did, Ed. Poor Louie is a wreck and you have to make a wise crack about it!"

"Louie, I'll make sure I'll take good care of Rosebud for you," Chico said as he hugged Louie.

Louie walked passed Rosebud with his bags.

Louie hugged Chico, Ed, and Liz and walked home sad shaking his head. "Oh poor poor Rosebud."

"Ah poor Louie!" Liz followed Chico to their apartment. Chico opened the door and sat their bags down by the door.

" Here we are mami, home at last!" Chico picked up Liz and carried through the doorway. "Welcome home Mrs. Rodriguez!" Chico lay her on the couch and kissed her.

"I really had a great time, Liz," Chico said as he unpacked their suitcase.

While Chico unpacked the suitcase he stumbled upon the program from Pepes appearances at the Sands Hotel and Casino. Chico stared at the program daydreaming of his appearance on stage with his cousin.

" Pepe, thank you for the opportunity. Too bad I can't be with you for the rest of the tour," Chico sighed as he flipped through the program. Inside was a picture of Chico and Pepe on stage that a publicity photographer took of them.

"Chico, we all had a great time, I'm sure you'll see Pepe again," Liz reassured Chico.

"Yeah Liz, youre right someday we'll get together again." Chico hugged Liz. "Thank you."

"You know, we could go over to the church and reregister ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Chico Rodriguez. I'm sure the members of the congregation will be happy of our marriage. I know of a few little old ladies will be upset that your not available anymore Chico," Liz smiled.

Chico went to hug Liz.

"You know Liz, my women chasing days are over." Chico got up from the couch.

"Except for chasing you of course." Chico chased Liz out of the apartment.

"Ahhhhhhhh Chico!" Liz shouted.

Liz and Chico headed over to the church to see Reverend Bemis.

Still chasing each other Chico and Liz ran inside the church looking for Reverend Bemis.

"Reverend Bemis?" Liz asked around.

"Hey Rev!" Chico shouted while looking for the Reverend Bemis

A parishioner cornered Chico. "He's not here. He went out of town."

"He left? All of us including the Rev just got back a early this morning," Chico said.

"Reverend Bemis mentioned something about doing research regarding his sermon series. He had to meet with a Reverend Baccarat he said," the parishioner said.

Chico and Liz looked at each other. "What? I never heard of a Reverend Baccarat. Chico?" Liz asked.

"Reverend Baccarat..." Chico looked puzzled then realized it.

"Reverend Bemis headed back to Vegas man!" Chico said. "We gotta go tell Ed!" Liz and Chico hurried back to the garage.

Ed smacking a carburetor heard the door slam. Ed looked over to see what the commotion was all about.

"Ed, Ed! Your not gonna believe it man!" Chico walked fast to Ed as Liz followed.

"What!" Ed said grumpily.

"Reverend Bemis isn't here! He left for Las Vegas," Chico said as Liz was behind him.

"Yeah Ed, he just up and left!" Liz said as she waved her arms.

"Rev told everyone he had to meet with someone by the name Reverend Baccarat regarding research for his sermon he was writing," Chico said as he nervously paced the floor.

"Gee, Chico, I would a thought he had enough research with all of his winnings he made!" Ed said.

"He had to buy another suit case just to take it all home." Chico shook his head in disbelief.

"What are you going to do Chico. Finding a room at this short of a notice will be impossible."

"I'm going to try to get a hold of Pepe. He's sticking around a few more days in Vegas."

Chico hurried over to the office and called Pepe. "Pepe Fernandos room please..."

"Pepe! Hey hey how are you man?" Chico smiled.

"Good Chico, They've offered me more shows here at the Sands. I'm staying here longer then expected," Pepe replied.

"That's great, cuz."

"So are you still married Chico?" Pepe asked. "Did Liz finally give up and want to come back to me?" Pepe joked.

"No Pepe, Were still married. Pepe we have a problem. We have reason to believe that Reverend Bemis is back in Las Vegas. He's not in town and we were told he was doing research with another Reverend that sounded suspicious."

"Ay, yi, yi Chico! Are you guys planning on coming back here to Vegas?" Pepe asked.

"Yeah but were afraid were not gonna find a room so soon," Chico said.

"Don't worry Chico, just get yourself packed up and I'll take care of the rest. I'm assuming it will be the four of you again?" Pepe replied.

"Yeah, we'll all go together." Chico said.

"Ok Chico, it will be great to get together again. Let me know when you get in."

Chico left to look for Ed and Louie.

As Liz finished packing Chico looked for Ed and Louie.

"ED! Pepe is finding us a room back at the Sands. Since he's staying there longer he said it will be no problem," Chico said.

'Well, I supposed it wouldnt be a problem Chico, just don't let Reverend Bemis get to you. We'll have a good time again," Ed said.

"You and Liz can have your second honeymoon!" Ed smiled.

"Hello!" Chico smiled.

"This time I plan on winning a lot more money!" Ed smiled "I'll get a hold of Louie and have him meet us tomorrow so we can head back"

"Well, Louie will be glad to have Rosebud with him for a little while longer."

Chico cornered Liz at the apartment. "Pack your bags Mama, we're going back to Vegas!"

"What? I just spent all this time unpacking Chico! Ay amio Chico. When are we leaving? Where are we staying? How are we going to find a hotel in this short notice!" Liz ran around the apartment to find more clothes to pack.

Although with the circumstances, Chico was happy to be returning to Vegas.

Liz and Chico finished packing and loaded up Rosebud. "Wait here I'm going to call Louie and let him know whats going on."

Suddenly Louie walked in the garage carrying suitcases.

Chico picked up the receiver and looked at Louie walking in.

"Wow! That was quick! Louie what are you doing with your suitcases?" Chico asked. Ed headed over to Chico and Louie.

"Ah Ed, Chico. I've been whining like a baby since I parted with Rosebud, my wife kicked me out because all I talked about was poor poor rosebud." Louie shook his head back and forth.

"Well Louie," Ed smiled and put his arm around him. " How would you like to go on another road trip with Rosebud?"

"You mean it Ed?" Louie smiled.

"Yeah Louie. You, me, Liz and Chico."

"Say Ed, have you seen Reverend Bemis? I was gonna see him for a place to stay but he's nowhere to be found?" Louie asked.

"Have you tried looking at any casinos Louie?" Chico said as he threw his rag in the can.

"Casinos? Why, he made a killing in Vegas, Chico," Louie said.

"You s'pose that's where he is?" Louie asked.

"It's possible, that's why were heading back to Vegas, Louie," Ed said.

"Ah, and I thought it was because you enjoyed our trapeze act that Ed, Reverend Bemis, and I were involved in."

"Hey Ed, maybe that's why he came back!" Louie laughed.

"Are you kidding Louie he was as paranoid as we both were on that high wire." Ed reached over and grabbed a bottle behind the can.

"Say Chico, are you making more of that de-licious brew of yours? euwweee! That sure was something else!" Louie asked.

"Yeah Louie, it's in the bottle as we speak," Chico smiled.

"Oh brother, I have to have my window open again when he brings that stuff with us," Ed said.

"Now Ed that's not my fault your stomach can't handle it," Louie said.

"Well, everyone are we all set?" Chico asked as they got to the car.

Louie smiled as he got behind the wheel. "Ah Rosebud we meet again! I just knew we could never part. Now take us to Vegas!" Louie started the car, backed out of the garage.

"Here everyone I made us something to eat on the way," Liz said as she passed out some sandwiches.

"Thanks Liz! " Louie said.

"Thanks Liz." Chico kissed her.

Louie cruised the roadways as he got closer to Vegas. "Ah memories!" Ed said. "As long as they got there bar stocked up I'll be a happy man!"

"Hey, theres the Sands!" Louie shouted.

Liz smiled. "Ah to relive that special moment, ah Chico!"

"Hello!" Chico winked.

Louie pulled in, everyone got there bags and checked in.

"We have reservations through Pepe Fernando!" Chico said.

"Hold let me check please... Yes, here you are." The desk clerk handed them their keys.

"Ed, we're heading to our room then we are hitting the tables!" Chico said as he held Lizs hand.

"I'm right behind you! After we get settled in I'm going to the bar," Ed said.

Chico dialed Pepes room.

"Hello?" Pepe answered.

"Pepe! We're here!" Chico said.

"That's great Chico! You have a great time, I promise there will be no more hoodlum chasing anymore," Pepe laughed.

"You know seeing that youre back, if you would like to... You know, if you want to do any of your stand up?" Pepe asked.

"Would I? Pepe, I would love too. The question is though would Liz mind? I mean it's not like I'm going to make a career out if it. I don't think she'll have a problem with that?"

Chico thought it over.

"You know what? I'd love to Pepe! Let me know what night to perform so I can prepare something real good for your show." Chico sounded excited.

Liz went behind Chico. "What sounds so exciting Chico?"

"Ah nothing Liz. Pepe and I are chatting about old times."

"Come on Mama let's get to our room so we can hit the tables!" Chico, Liz headed to their room. Ed and Louie headed to their rooms also.

Chapter 2

Everyone headed to their rooms and unpacked. "Ready Chico? I feel like rolling some dice again!" Liz said.

"Remember when we first rolled the dice together Liz?" Chico embraced her.

"Yeah, who would of thought throwing dice would lead to us getting married, Chico."

Liz smiled.

"Liz you rolled yourself a winning pair! Actually you threw the dice on the table then we left to hunt everyone down about us going to get hitched."

"I'm sure I rolled a pretty good one, Chico," Liz smiled.

"Yeah Liz, I'm sure you did. You ended up winning me!" Chico grinned.

"Oh Chico!" Liz whacked Chico on the arm.

Chico and Liz left for Ed and Louies room. Ed and Louie were heading out of there room when they spotted Liz and Chico.

Ed rubbed his hands together. "I'm ready to hit the poker tables Louie!"

"Well I got an itching for poker too Ed," Louie said.

"Hey Chico! " Louie smiled. "I'm ready to break the bank!"

"Who's bank Louie? Yours or the casinos?" Chico smiled as they all headed towards the casino.

Chico spotted a marquee poster for Pepe Fernando.

"Hey look! It's Cousin Pepe! Looking Good!" Chico smiled as he pointed to Pepes picture.

"It's great that he'll be here for a few more shows. It will be nice to see him again," Liz said.

Chico, Liz, Ed and Louie headed inside the casino.

"Ah the sound I love to hear!" Ed said.

"What's that Ed? The slot machines?" Louie asked.

"No, Louie the sound of someone pouring a Bourbon! Hey waitress gimme a bourbon!" Ed flagged a waitress over.

"Hey, hey, let's get over here. Theres some tables open for blackjack Ed!" Chico smiled as he pointed to the tables.

"Lead the way Chico!" Ed followed Chico.

Chico, Liz, Ed and Louie all found seats at the blackjack table.

The dealer dealt each their cards.

"Alright honey baby gimme a good card!" Chico said as he eagerly waited for his cards.

"Ay, yi, yi!" Chico said.

Liz smiled as she received hers.

Ed looked at his cards then made a face of fear.

Louie smiled with some hope after receiving his.

They received their next set of cards.

Chico looked up and pleaded with the dealer. "Oh please gimme a good card!"

"Chico, I won, I won!" Liz jumped up and down.

Pepe approached Liz from behind after hearing Liz raise her voice.

"What's all the commotion about?" Pepe asked.

Liz turned around Pepe was behind her.

"Pepe, I won, I won!" Liz smiled.

"I see I arrived just in time for you to claim your prize!" Pepe smiled.

"Pepe!" Chico smiled.

"You know Liz, anything adding up with you makes a winning pair," Pepe smiled.

Chico with a big grin adjusted his collar leaned over hugged as he kissed Liz after hearing Pepes remark.

"Hey hey cuz, it's great to see you again!" Chico got up from his chair and hugged Pepe.

"I'm glad you could make it Chico," Pepe smiled.

"Hello Ed, Louie!" Pepe smiled.

"Well hello Pepe!" Louie grinned.

"Pepe, how are you!" Ed smiled patted Pepes shoulder.

"Thanks Pepe, there's so many people here. You never know who you'll bump into." Chico smiled.

"Yeah, there's a lot of celebrities here Chico," Pepe smiled.

"Celebrities! Ahh, just imagine bumping into one." Liz with her eyes wide-open shivered in delight.

"Ah Pepe, now you got Liz all excited!" Chico said.

"Is that all it takes Chico?" Pepe asked.

Liz whacked Pepe. "You know it Pepe!" Liz fanned herself with her hands.

Pepe tugged on Chicos shoulder and pulled Chico aside. "So Chico is it ok?"

"Shh, Pepe she doesn't know yet. I'll let you know," Chico whispered in Pepes ear.

"Hey Chico I'm going to the ladies room to freshen up a bit." Liz got out of her chair and hugged Chico.

"Ah Liz, I bet youre still cute as ever!" Pepe smiled as Chico looked at Pepe sniffing Lizs perfume.

"Ed, Louie, Liz doesn't know yet but Pepe has offered me another chance to perform some comedy for his opening act again," Chico said as he looked at his cards.

"That's great Chico!" Louie smiled.

"How did you manage that Chico?" Ed asked.

"Well Ed, when Pepe offered me a chance the last time we were here. Hearing the applause I got from opening up for Pepe, I really enjoyed it. The crowd seemed to like me too. Liz didn't like the idea of me wanting to touring with Pepe though."

"I don't blame her Chico, after all you two are newlyweds," Ed said.

"Ed, Louie, please don't say anything to Liz. Ok?" Chico pleaded.

"No problem, Chico." Louie smiled.

"Here Chico, Ed, Pepe. Have a cigar on me!" Louie smiled as he lit his up and leaned over to Ed and Chico to light theirs.

Liz left the ladies room and heading back to the casino walked towards the bar.

"Miss," the bartender motioned to her.

"Yes?" Liz pointing to herself looked over to the bartender who called her.

"There are two gentlemen over here who want to buy you a drink. What will you have?" The bartender pointed to there direction.

Liz looked around the low-lit area. Liz couldn't make out who they were.

"Um, I'll have a Gin n' Tonic," Liz replied.

"Good choice babee," a voice came from the other side of the bar.

"What?" Liz, hearing a familiar voice, walked closer to make out who it was. Liz looked around, wasn't sure if that was who she had seen.

"This must be your night off?"

Liz blinked her eyes couldn't believe it.

"Excuse me?" Liz tried to get herself together.

"Well, you look like one of the showgirls I use in my act, babee."

"I'm sorry I'm not a showgirl, Mr. Sinatra."

"Please call me Frank, Miss..." Frank extended his hand to hers as he gracefully lifted it up to kiss her hand.

"Liz, Liz Garcia Rodriguez." Liz gripped Franks hand as she stared in his sparkling eyes.

"Oh so I'm too late to ask you to marry me, Miss Liz," a voice came from a silhouette of smoke behind Frank.

Liz looked passed Frank to see a tall dark haired Italian approach her.

"Say how about a drink honey, ah nuts Frank beat me to it," Dean said as he held his glass of scotch.

Dean smiling, leaned on the bar eyed his drink as he held it up. "Now Liz, I don't drink anymore. I freeze it now and eat it like a popsicle."

Liz laughed.

"You look like you had a few drinks to many Deano" Frank said.

"Ah Liz, never mind Frank. You know a drink never hurt nobody."

Dean walked up closer to Liz.

"Now just remember the great words of Mister Joe Lewis. Your not drunk if you can lay on the floor without holding on."

Dean smiled, raised it up as a cheer, and then sipped his drink.

"Dean, Liz says she's not a showgirl." Frank smiled as he nudged Dean.

"What? I don't believe it." Dean shook his head in disbelief.

"Well we'll see about that sweet cakes," Frank said as he smacked Liz on her behind.

"Me, a showgirl? " Liz looking up imagined herself as a showgirl.

"I always pictured myself as a dental hygienist, but a showgirl?"

"Yeah, sweet cakes you got potential, babee," Frank smiled.

"Yeah and the figure to go with it too," Dean said.

"I don't think my husband will approve though."

"Hey Liz, who has to know? Have it be a surprise, babee." Frank, smiling, sipped his drink.

"Well fellas, I'll have to think it over. Besides my husband and our friends are probably wondering where I am right now. Mr. Sinatra, Mr. Martin, it was a pleasure meeting you both." Liz smiled and hugged them.

"Believe me, Liz darling the pleasure is all mine." Dean said as he leaned against the bar smoking a cigarette.

"Liz, trust me you'll make a dynamite attraction. You oughta consider it, babee!" Frank casually waved good bye as he put out his cigarette.

Liz headed back to the blackjack tables looking for Chico.

"Hi Chico, how are you doing?" Liz asked.

"I'm barely hanging on," Chico replied.

"Say Liz, where you've been?" Louie asked.

"I, I was just mingling with a few people at the bar. I bumped into Frank and Dean," Liz shyly said.

"You seen Frank and Dean? Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin?" Chico asked.

"Yeah Chico, we had an interesting conversation. They had a kooky idea that I was a showgirl or something?" Liz tried to just brush off the conversation by making it boring.

"Hello," Chico smiled. "Liz, I can see you as my personal showgirl!" Chico winked as he leaned over to kiss her.

Liz sat next to Chico as they continued to play blackjack. Suddenly someone approached Ed.

"Would you mind if I join you cats in a round?"

Ed threw in more chips while hearing a familiar voice. "No, go right ahead. Ah, we aren't doing well anyway, Chico let's do another round then call it a day," Ed said grumpily.

"Yeah right Ed. Your hind end will be planted on this seat all day!" Louie said.

"Chico?!?" The voice said as he watched Ed toss his chips.

"Ed? Ed Brown? What brings you to this neck of the woods?" Sammy said.

Ed turned around. "Oh no, not you again!"

Chico looked shocked.

Louie shouted with glee. "HEY IT"S THE CANDY MAN!"

Sammy covered his head out of embarrassment.

"Sammy Davis Jr.!" Chico said. "Let me shake your hand. I love you man!"

Chico shaking Sammys hand watched Sammy bounce up and down from Chicos firm handshake.

"Hey listen Ed, I can't stay and chat I have to get ready for my act at the Theater. I'm performing here along with Frank, Dean, and some fella name Pepe Fernando."

"That some fella is my cousin man!" Chico stood up smiling and proudly protested.

"Youre related to Pepe Fernando? I had no idea. Were you an orphan, Chico?" Sammy asked.

"No. Why?" Chico asked.

"Well, I mean after hearing you and Pepe sing. I just figured you two came from different Villages or something?" Sammy said.

"That's because no one has discovered my talent yet! You should hear my wife Liz sing. Oh she sings so beautiful!" Chico said as he smiled thinking about her singing.

"Please Chico, don't remind me! I'm still recovering from the morning she woke us up with her singing! I still have that ringing in my ears," Ed said as he dug into his ear with his finger.

"Hey Chico, I'll keep that in mind. Listen I gotta split or Frank will have my head on a platter. See you cats later!" Sammy waved as he backed his way out.

"See you later Candyman!" Louie grinned, stood, and shouted.

"Well, I don't know about you but I'll going up to our room Chico," Liz said.

"Hey, wait a minute mami, I'll join you," Chico said as made his way around to her.

"Good Chico, you can help me decide what to wear for dinner tonight," Liz smiled.

"I can think of several things you can where to dinner, Liz." Chico hugged her from behind.

Chico and Liz headed to elevator to go to there room.

"So, you really got to talk to Frank and Dean?" Chico asked as he pressed the button for the elevator.

"Yeah Chico, I didn't believe it was Frank asking for me till I seen his face," Liz smiled.

"I can't believe he thought I was a showgirl. Me, a showgirl!" Liz twirled her body as she waved her arms to flatter her figure.

"I can believe it Mama! Youre my very own showgirl." Chico, hugging Liz, kissed her on the lips.

Chico looked up to see what floor the elevator was. "Gee, this elevator is long... Oh I spoke too soon."

The elevator opened up. Inside were Frank, Dean, and behind them was Reverend Bemis.

"Reverend Bemis so this is where you've been hiding!" Chico said.

"You know the Rev?" Frank said using his thumb to point to Reverend Bemis.

"Yeah, he was with us the last time we went to Vegas. Reverend Bemis married Liz and I in the Elvis chapel."

"You mean, you had a wedding and never invited us Rev? Ah Rev, babee that's not good. I would of loved to see Liz walk down the aisle." Frank winked at Liz.

Liz blushed at Franks remarked.

"Sorry Frank! Ill make it up to you." Reverend Bemis, Dean and Frank left the elevator.

Chico pulled Reverend Bemis aside. "Rev, are you in any trouble with them?"

"No, no everything is perfectly fine with Frank and Dean."

Reverend Bemis ran to catch up with Frank and Dean as they left the elevator.

"I wouldn't worry about them Chico, Reverend Bemis seems to be ok. Maybe he forgot something when we left. Came back, then decided to stick around a few more days," Liz tried to reassure Chico.

"Yeah, your right Liz, Well at least we can now spend some time alone in our Hotel room till we meet them again for dinner." Chico hugged her. "I love you Liz."

"I love you too Chico."

As they waited for the elevator to open up Liz's mind wandered about Frank and Dean insisting she was a showgirl. Liz thought about the possibility of becoming one.

Chicos mind wondered about doing stand up again for Pepe in front of a live audience. Chico smiling at Liz imagined he was hearing the cheers and applause of the audience.

Chapter 3

Chico and Liz arrived at their room. "Honey, I don't know about you, but Im beat." Chico sat on the bed and kicked his shoes off.

"Me too Chico." Liz lay down beside him.

"What you are going to do with your winnings, Liz?" Chico asked as he hugged her.

"Oh Chico, I haven't a clue." Liz smiled and kissed Chico as they brushed each others hair back.

"You can use that money to go to school like you've always wanted too Liz? I'm sure what you won could cover some of it?" Chico thought.

Liz toyed with the idea of her becoming a dental hygienist.

"Maybe so Chico, who knows something else come up too." Liz dozed off in Chicos arms as well as did Chico on Lizs arms.

An hour later a knock was heard on the door.

Liz and Chico woke up. "Who can that be?" Liz asked.

Chico looked at his watch. "It's not dinnertime yet, I imagine Ed and Louie are still in the casino."

Chico opened the door. A bellhop had a package with him.

"Can I help you?" Chico asked as he opened the door half way.

"I have a gift for a Liz Garcia-Rodriguez," said the bellhop.

Liz rose out of bed. "What? A gift for me? Who's it from? Look how huge it is Chico!" Liz smiled excitedly.

"It's from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin!" The Bellhop said. "I was told by both Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra to deliver this to you personally."

The bellhop rolled the big wrapped box in the hotel room.

"Thanks." Chico rolled the huge box over to Liz. "You got a gift from Frank and Dean? What could be in this big crate?" Chico asked.

"Yeah, Chico, here is the card. Ay, yi, yi, this is sure a huge box." Liz gave Chico the card that was with the gift box.

"To Liz, This might spark up some interest to what we talked about at the bar. Love, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin," Chico said as he read the card.

Chico looked at Liz funny. "What is in here that could spark up any interest Liz?" Chico wondered as he shook the box.

"Let me open it up Chico and we'll find out. I love gifts especially big ones! What could of they have sent me? " Liz moved the box around to find the opening.

Liz quickly ripped open the wrapping paper and opened the flap that enclosed the box.

"OHHH!" Liz said covering her mouth as she took out each item that was hung up on the rack inside the crate.

"What is it... Hello! A showgirls outfit!?" Excited about what Liz got, Chico smiled.

Liz put the rhinestone and sequined top of the outfit against her.

"Well what do you think Chico?" Liz smiled.

Chico making eye contact on the sequined top made a face of eagerness.

"What else is in the box?" Chico excitedly reached in the box to find a big head piece that had rhinestones, sequins and big flowing feathers on it that went with the outfit.

Chico put it on his head. "Mami, what do you think?" Chico winked.

"Oh it's you, definitely you, Chico," Liz laughed.

"Try it on for me Liz. Please?! Please!?" Chico begged sitting on the bed bounced up and down.

Liz held the top against her. "Well.... If you insist."

"I insist, I insist!" Chico quickly rose off the bed and dragged Liz into the bathroom to change.

"Let me know when your ready, mami!" Chico hollered as he sat back down on the bed anxiously waiting to see Liz.

Liz got her high heels and started to put each shiny garment on her.

A few minutes went by. "Ok Chico, Im ready!"

Chico rose up from the bed and began to talk and make gestures of Ed Sullivan.

"Ladies and Gentleman, on our stage here making her showgirl debut from

a little cow town in Puerto Rico where she entertained 400 of her relatives. The unforgettable.... Whats the kids name? Liz Garcia-Rodriguez ladies and Gentlemen!"

Chico made cheering noises as he bowed facing Liz. Liz tried to get out of the bathroom with her big headpiece on.

"Ay! My headpiece!" Liz had to duck to get out of the doorway from the bathroom.

Liz adjusted her outfit and her headpiece. Liz slowly strolled over to Chico using the feather shawl like garment teasingly fanning Chico with it.

"Sonamagun!" Chico smiled as he whistled at Liz. "Dance for me, mami!"

Liz, with her back facing Chico, wiggled in front of Chico with her huge tail feathers hanging from the back of her head piece. Chico felt the feathers against his face as she wiggled the back of her head in front of him.

"Can you just imagine me as a showgirl Chico?" Liz smiled as she turned around and faced him. Liz kicked her legs high in the air.

Chico got up and put his arm around her and joined in with her as he kicked his legs up high also.

"Liz, you look gorgeous! That rhinestone sequined outfit makes you look hot, mama. How did they know that the white and yellow feathers were my favorite color on you." Chico hugged Liz.

"Just imagine Liz, youre my own personal showgirl!" Chico winked stopped his footing and kissed her.

"You look so sexy with this on Liz. You know what I want to do?"

Chico waved to his direction near the bed. "Come on sugardaddys got a sweet tooth!" Chico eagerly said as the phone rang.

"Hold that thought Mama, I better answer that." Chico grabbed the phone.

"Hello? Yes, she's here just a moment."

"Liz, it's Frank Sinatra." Chico, shocked, handed the phone to Liz.

"Hello?" Liz tried to put the phone over her headpiece.

"Liz, babee! This is Frank. Did you get the gift from Dean and I?" Frank said.

"Oh yes Frank, I love it, so does my husband. Thank you!" Liz was a nervous wreck talking on the phone.

"That's dynamite Liz. Say how about you and Chico come down to the bar where you met Dean and myself . You can show it off for Dean and me sweet cakes!"

"Chico, Frank wants us to come down and have me show it off to them at the bar!" whispered Liz who was still shocked yet smiled.

"I don't know Liz. I mean I love it when you walk around like that in front of me. But to everyone else in the hotel?" Chico cringed at the thought.

Chico started to feel uncomfortable about Liz going out in the outfit.

"Ah come on Chico, it's the least I can do for Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. After all they went out of their way to get this for me?" Liz begged.

"Ok Liz, just this once." Chico gave in to Lizs plea.

"Ok Frank, we'll be there in about 10 minutes." Liz hung up the phone.

Chico opened the door and Liz carefully went out the door.

"Chico, this is exciting!" Liz said. Chico put his arm around her as they made their way down the hallway.

Chico looked at Liz in her outfit and high heels as they made there way to the elevator.

"She does look sexy in it. Yet all these guys are staring at my Liz!" Chico thought as he struggled with mixed emotions regarding Liz in her showgirl outfit.

Chico pressed the button for the Lobby and waited for there arrival.

As the elevator made it's arrival. Chico kissed Liz as he gawked up and down at Lizs sparkling outfit. "Looking Good!" Chico shook his head.

The elevator opened. Liz carefully went out as Chico followed. Chico extended his arm out for Lizs and walked towards the bar where she met Frank and Dean.

"This is where you met Frank and Dean?" Chico asked Liz.

"Yeah, when I was walking by, they were near the back of the bar. I couldn't see them but they sure found me," Liz whispered

Liz and Chico entered the bar as everyone stared at Liz. Everyone smiled at Liz and Chico.

Chico looked at all the men staring at Liz.

"This seems a bit uncomfortable don't you think Liz?" Chico whispered in her ear.

"Liz?..." Chico tried to get her attention. Liz was smiling, gleaming with happiness.

"Liz, over here babee." Frank motioned Liz over to where he and Dean where sitting.

"Doll, you look fabulous!" Dean smiled as he sipped his drink leaned over and kissed Liz on the cheek.

Chico couldn't believe what he was witnessing. "I can't believe I'm here with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Liz in her Showgirl outfit. Showgirl outfit? Ay yi yi!"

Liz twirled around in her outfit as Chico eyed Dean and Frank watching her.

"Well sweet cakes does this help in your decision any?" Frank asked.

"Decision?" Chico pulled Liz back.

"Yeah, Chico, remember at the blackjack tables I mentioned that they thought I was a showgirl. When I told them I wasn't, they were insisting I become one," Liz said.

"Youre not serious are you?" Chico asked.

"Well Chico the thought had crossed my mind," Liz said without Frank and Dean hearing.

"Well Liz, seeing that this is some what of a surprise. I've decided to take up Pepes offer to do standup for his shows here while we are in Vegas." Chico said as he folded his arms in authority.

"Chico, I had a feeling that's what you and Pepe were discussing about at the blackjack tables. That isn't why I wanted to do this Chico. I've always wanted to be a showgirl. But my sister always picked on me about it."

"Your sister the nun?" Chico asked.

"I thought it had to do about your singing Liz?"

"Yeah Chico, I would sing and dance around the house like a showgirl. She mentioned something about me being tone deaf and uncoordinated."

"Please don't be mad Chico," Liz said.

"I'm not mad, just shocked that you really wanted to do this I guess. Believe me Liz, youre not uncoordinated." Chico said,

"So youre not mad? " Liz said.

"No, go tell Frank and Dean. Its ok. Who knows I might like it." Chico slightly smiling gave in to Liz.

Liz hugged Chico and thanked him.

Dean walked up behind Chico and Liz putting his arms around them.

"Frank asked me to come over, HE told me to come over to see what the verdict was regarding Liz," Dean smiled.

"Dean. I'll do it! I'll be a showgirl!" Liz smiled raised her hands in the air and wiggled her body.

"That's great Doll!" Dean hugged Liz.

"That's the spirit babee!" Frank hugged Liz and shook Chicos hand. "Thanks Chico you wont regret this!"

"Well Liz shall we?" Frank extended his arm for Lizs hand to grasp a hold, Dean extended his arm also.

"Let's go show off the goods babee!"

Frank, Liz, and Dean walked out of the bar arm in arm towards the Casino where Ed and Louie were. Chico followed them from behind.

As Chico followed them out of the bar he noticed Pepe by the elevator.

"Pepe!" Chico nudged him.

"Hey Chico, what's going on? I was hearing some ooing and ahhing near the bar?" Pepe asked.

"Pepe, youre not going to believe this but Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin got Liz to become a Vegas showgirl!" Chico said.

"REALLY? I'd love to see that Chico!" Pepe moving forward tried to go find Liz as Chico stopped him.

"LIZ!" Pepe yelled as Chico pulled him back.

"Shhh, well I'm really not all that fond of it Pepe. I mean Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin got her the outfit as a gift to leer her into it. I told her about the gig you've given me to perform. I also mentioned it to her that I was taking it because of her decision on becoming a showgirl."

"Was she mad Chico?" Pepe asked.

"Not really, just shocked I guess. She kind of suspected it when we talked at the blackjack tables any way."

Chico and Pepe heard laughter coming from there direction. "That sounds like Dean Martins laugh Chico," Pepe asked.

"Yep, your right Pepe..." Chico seen Liz with Franks arm casually over her shoulder as Liz held his hand that was around her laughing and smiling.

"Here Liz, I'm going to introduce you to a few people." Frank said as they continued to walk away from Chico and Pepe.

"Ay yi yi! Pepe, I hope I didn't make a mistake with this. I better go!" Chico grasped Pepes hand and said good bye.

Frank, Liz, and Dean walked into the casino. "Liz, honey your a natural! Everyone loves you baby," Dean said.

Liz, Dean, and Frank walked over to the tables near where Ed and Louie were.

"Hey Ed, lookie over there!" Louie motioned Ed towards Liz's direction. "Ewwie! Liz is all dressed up as a showgirl!" Louie smiled.

"Louie sit down. Your just trying find ways to get me not to win!" Ed said.

"Ed, take a look over there. Guess who she's with too?" Louie smiled.

"Ah Louie, cut it out!" Ed got up looked and did a double take. "Oh Chico isn't gonna like this at all!"

"Do you think he knows?' Louie asked.

"He sure does! He's right behind them. He's trying to look happy but I can tell he's miserable about it." Ed said.

"Chico!" Louie yelled as he waved him over.

"Shh! Louie." Chico jogged over to Ed and Louie.

"I see Liz is the main attraction for everyone today."

"Don't remind me." Chico said as he scoped over to where Liz was.

"What brought all this about?" Ed said.

"Ed, when Liz told me earlier that she walked by the bar and was motioned by Frank and Dean. They thought she was a showgirl in one of their acts. When they found out that it wasnt true, they talked her into it by getting her that outfit."

"I first thought Liz was kidding Ed, Louie."

Chico pointed to outfit Liz was wearing.

"Now, Chico, you can't tell me she don't look good in that outfit?" Louie said.

"Yeah Chico, that's some outfit." Ed said as he followed Lizs movements.

"I know Ed, Louie, she looks gorgeous in it. When she wears it for me. But when She shows it off to everyone else especially to Frank, Dean, and who ever else is well known here it makes me kinda..."

"Are you jealous Chico?" Ed said.

Chico sighed looked at Liz. "I'm afraid I'm going to lose her Ed."

"Chico, I remember when you were all gung ho about doing your standup for Pepe here. Liz is experiencing the same thing Chico. It's a faze that once she's experienced it, it will be over."

"Let's hope so Ed, for Chicos sake," Louie said still watching Liz, Frank and Dean.

"Trust me Chico, let her have her fun while she's here. I'm sure Frank and Dean wont let nothing bad happen to her," Ed said.

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