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Ed Brown's Garage
Chico and Mando - amigos forever!


Timeless gift of laughter. Remembering Freddie Prinze | Chico and Mando - amigos forever! | Chico and Mando - amigos forever! | A message to all customers.... | A shout out from dear ole Ed Brown | "Mail Call! Mail Call!" Bills for you Ed and smelly letters for you Chico!" | Lounging with Louie | " The Dynamic Duo! " | Hangin' with my homeboyz | Ed Browns Garage a Go - GO | The gangs all here! Get outta my Garage! | Make your appointment early. Chico's schedule is filling up fast! | "We're building up the Buisness !" - Chico's and Ed Brown's other locations. | Ed Brown's Mural - " Ohh! Look what they did to my wall !" | As General Lee said to General Grant "Like it or not your in the Union!" | "Let's go cruisin' bebe!"


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