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Ed Brown's Garage
Timeless gift of laughter. Remembering Freddie Prinze


Timeless gift of laughter. Remembering Freddie Prinze | Chico and Mando - amigos forever! | Chico and Mando - amigos forever! | A message to all customers.... | A shout out from dear ole Ed Brown | "Mail Call! Mail Call!" Bills for you Ed and smelly letters for you Chico!" | Lounging with Louie | " The Dynamic Duo! " | Hangin' with my homeboyz | Ed Browns Garage a Go - GO | The gangs all here! Get outta my Garage! | Make your appointment early. Chico's schedule is filling up fast! | "We're building up the Buisness !" - Chico's and Ed Brown's other locations. | Ed Brown's Mural - " Ohh! Look what they did to my wall !" | As General Lee said to General Grant "Like it or not your in the Union!" | "Let's go cruisin' bebe!"


Ed Brown's Garage honors Freddie Prinze with  tributes from his very close friends and fans of all ages.

From: "Isaac Ruiz"
To: "suzanne"
Subject: Tribute To My Friend..."Chico"
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 11:28:35 -0700
Hi everyone! Well, it's that time again, and I'm sure there are mixed emotions about how to handle the fact that another year has come and is almost gone, since our amigo "Chico", went to pick pockets in the subways of heaven,"Looooking Gooood", and possibly even looking for his Puerto Rican Mother, and Hungarian Father, which ultimately made him, Chico, a "HungaRican".
I have so many fond memories of this "crazy vato", who helped to keep us laughing, though he himself, was crying on the inside. So talented...yet so perplexed with many difficulties and anxieties in life. So humorous...yet so full of complexities, that on a fatefull day in January 1977...the laughter would be silenced, with a shot that was to be heard around the world...our amigo "Chico"...aka Freddie Prinze, would no longer be able to personally...make us laugh...instead...we would now cry!
But wait...thanks to tecknowledgy, and to the wonderful creation of "re-runs", and to the release of "Chico" episodes...we can all enjoy, and remember what is was like, to see Chico in Ed's Garage, everyday, getting the best of Ed Brown, and Making us all laugh in the process.
I too, laugh my b_ _ _ off, as I remember my friend, not in the sad circumstances of his fateful outcome...but in the mastery of his performances, that had us all in stiches. Freddie was a genious in his time, before his time, and a genious in the making! It was a pleasure and privilidge for me to have been able to be a part of "Chico & The Man", and to be a friend to one Fredrick Pruetzel...aka...Freddie Prinze...aka..."Chico Rodriguez"!
On June 22nd, the month and day of Freddie's birth, please do not get caught up in what Freddie might have been, or in Freddie's death...but in the celebration of God'd gift to each and every one of us who loved Chico...because his talent...his charisma...his aura/presence...his beautiful smile...his cutesie way of capturing all of our hearts...his great sense of timing as a comedian...and his love which he has shared with us alive!..Yes, it is ALIVE!
On this his birthday celebration, I dedicate this note to every "Chico & The Man" viewer who appreciated my good amigo Freddie, and his multi-talented ways...and especially to Freddie's Mother, Mrs. Maria Pruetzel, my "second Mom", whose love and devotion to Freddie, is known only to her, the Good Lord Above, and also to me...because I had the privilidge of watching her adorn Freddie with her Love and wisdom. Freddie loved his Mother Maria, more than anyone in the whole wide world, including....well I will stop right there before I get myself into trouble. Suffice to say, Freddie learned much from his Mom, who was quite funny in her own right. God Bless you Maria, and just know your "other" son loves you very much!
God bless you all and thanks for making every June 22nd, so special! If Freddie was able to tell you himself, he would thank you and say..."LOOOOKING GOOOOD"!
With all my love and God's richest blessings ....Mando



With Freddies birthday on the horizon and trying to think of a tribute that would do him justice, I guess I realized that no amount of words can express the joy and happiness he has brought to my life over the last two years. His exuberance, his laughter and bright infectious smile warms my heart on the cloudiest of days. His soft voice inviting and his handsome looks unforgettable. But amidst all of his wonderful qualities, I think the best for me is his heart. He loved and idolized his mother. His son was everything to him even if he never had the chance to show was there in his heart. Without a good and caring heart we all stand alone. This Prince never stood alone as far as his true fans were concerned. Thank you for hours and hours of pure pleasure as I sit in the evenings enjoying your incrediable talent Mr. Prinze. Your acting was right on target whether comedy or drama, your stand up routines cutting edge, creative and very funnyand lastly your voice bringing tremors up and down my spine, causing me to shake my head in wonderment. How does one so young have so much talent..and what was left untapped?? Freddie fans are loyal and unwavering. You will never be forgotten as long as we have a single breath left in us. You deserve our loyalty and love.and you have it. We love you dear sweet Prince. Happy Birthday!!


Such souls,

Whose sudden visitations daze the world,

Vanish like lightning, but they leave behind

A voice that in the distance far away

Wakens the slumbering ages.
- Macca, June 9, 2003


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A timeless gift of laughter is what you've  given to me. Expressions of love there after,  are  what I can plainly see.
Your smile captured my heart and I finally realize, how  well you grew into a fine young man before my very eyes.
 Like many other fans I was envious of your love. Now I  treasure the memories of given me while you stay with the Lord above.
 Freddie your love and laughter will last forever as long as we hold you in our hearts so dear. You are never to far away from us Freddie, just a dream,  a memory  so close, so near. - Suzanne ( hue mee) June 10, 2003



"Freddie Blocks" By Miss Dani

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